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  1. Agenda (lincolnthree, 15:08:01)
    1. Status Reports (lincolnthree, 15:08:04)
    2. Priorities and next-steps (lincolnthree, 15:08:09)

  2. Status Reports (lincolnthree, 15:13:23)
    1. This week I've been following up and working with Jim to continue implementing the rest of the website designs. (lincolnthree, 15:14:45)
    2. I'm hopeful that we should have the website finished on all pages in a few weeks. (lincolnthree, 15:14:56)
    3. I will be reviewing the NetBeans plugin today. (lincolnthree, 15:15:16)
    4. : I have had a meeting qe about testing and i saw a very nice demo of an automated ui test using red deer (koentsje, 15:16:43)
    5. : it would be nice to integrate this somehow in an integration test suite that would run on the jbt continuous integration server but for this red deer needs to be included in the jbt target platform (koentsje, 15:18:18)
    6. : i am also reviewing the article that jerôme wadaël wrote in french about writing forge plugins (koentsje, 15:19:19)
    7. : and i need to start preparing the hands-on labs on forge that will be given @ devconf in brno next month (koentsje, 15:20:08)

  3. Priorities and next-steps (lincolnthree, 15:31:20)
    1. We need to finish the netbeans plugin (and related paperwork, etc) (lincolnthree, 15:36:53)
    2. We need to finish the website (lincolnthree, 15:37:04)
    3. Continue to support "initiatives" and partners. (lincolnthree, 15:37:17)
    4. Consider work on the "Stacks" concept/addon. (lincolnthree, 15:49:43)
    5. http://www.dzone.com/links/simple_java_ee_jsf_login_page_with_jboss_picketli.html (lincolnthree, 15:51:51)

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