15:07:58 <lincolnthree> #startmeeting
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15:08:01 <lincolnthree> #topic Agenda
15:08:04 <lincolnthree> #info Status Reports
15:08:09 <lincolnthree> #info Priorities and next-steps
15:08:13 <lincolnthree> other topics?
15:08:17 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Status Reports
15:08:23 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Priorities and next-steps
15:13:19 <lincolnthree> okay then.
15:13:21 <vineetreynolds> No more topics/
15:13:23 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:13:23 <jbott> #topic Status Reports
15:13:32 <lincolnthree> Go!
15:13:50 <agoncal> Hi guys
15:13:53 <agoncal> Meeting ?
15:14:00 <vineetreynolds> yes, it's started agoncal
15:14:12 <vineetreynolds> Just a few seconds ago
15:14:16 <agoncal> ok
15:14:24 <lincolnthree> hey agoncal :0
15:14:27 <lincolnthree> I can go first I guess.
15:14:45 <lincolnthree> #info This week I've been following up and working with Jim to continue implementing the rest of the website designs.
15:14:56 <lincolnthree> #info I'm hopeful that we should have the website finished on all pages in a few weeks.
15:15:16 <lincolnthree> #info I will be reviewing the NetBeans plugin today.
15:15:19 <lincolnthree> That's all for me.
15:15:30 <lincolnthree> agoncal: have any topics to #addtopic to the meeting?
15:16:02 <agoncal> No, I'm coming back after escaping for few weeks ;o)
15:16:07 <agoncal> Maybe roadmap ?
15:16:11 <lincolnthree> agoncal: NICE :D
15:16:32 <lincolnthree> agoncal: yea we have that topic
15:16:43 <koentsje> #info: I have had a meeting qe about testing and i saw a very nice demo of an automated ui test using red deer
15:17:07 <koentsje> prna: do you care to say something about this?
15:17:09 <lincolnthree> koentsje: awesome!
15:17:15 <koentsje> psrna^
15:18:18 <koentsje> #info: it would be nice to integrate this somehow in an integration test suite that would run on the jbt continuous integration server but for this red deer needs to be included in the jbt target platform
15:19:19 <koentsje> #info: i am also reviewing the article that jerôme wadaël wrote in french about writing forge plugins
15:19:49 <lincolnthree> yeah that would be really nice
15:20:07 <lincolnthree> koentsje: cool, yeah glad you could do that. how is it?
15:20:08 <koentsje> #info: and i need to start preparing the hands-on labs on forge that will be given @ devconf in brno next month
15:21:05 <lincolnthree> koentsje: did any of us submit the forge hands on lab to summit/devnation?
15:21:08 <koentsje> lincolnthree: it looks good, but i just had a quick glance, i will do this in depth later today or tomorrow if i run out of thime
15:21:10 <lincolnthree> koentsje: hm… im not sure we did that
15:21:14 <lincolnthree> i'll have to check
15:21:31 <koentsje> lincolnthree: i believe that gastaldi did that, at least that’s what he told me
15:21:35 <lincolnthree> koentsje: gotcha. let me know if you have any questions about the actual details of addon-writing, but I assume he got it all right
15:21:50 <agoncal> koentsje Will you be using the same HoL we used at DevoxxBE ?
15:21:59 <koentsje> agoncal: yes i will
15:22:56 <koentsje> agoncal: but i might elaborate the second part on addon writing a bit
15:22:57 <agoncal> koentsje Cool. Let me know if you need some help in updating/changing the Forge Script with the latest version of Forge
15:23:11 <koentsje> agoncal: cool, i will
15:28:48 <lincolnthree> ok. next topic if there are no other udpates?
15:28:59 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: ?
15:29:27 <vineetreynolds> hmm same update as last time. Still working on microservices. I'm obviously going to consider Forge tooling in my work
15:30:06 <vineetreynolds> So it's not actually Forge that I'm working on right now
15:30:43 <vineetreynolds> I think we should move to the next topic
15:31:10 <lincolnthree> ok cool :)
15:31:17 <lincolnthree> sorry, trying to do 2 things at once
15:31:20 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:31:20 <jbott> #topic Priorities and next-steps
15:31:21 <vineetreynolds> np
15:31:30 <lincolnthree> Okay, so the netbeans plugin is wrapping up.
15:31:47 <lincolnthree> Which means gastaldi|away, who is now here, will need something to do. So I suggest we all think of random work for him.
15:32:02 <gastaldi> back
15:32:13 <gastaldi> haha yeah
15:32:35 <agoncal> More commands, more generated code
15:32:42 <agoncal> "We want more"
15:32:45 <gastaldi> koentsje, I did
15:32:55 <gastaldi> koentsje, I submitted the Forge HoL to devnation
15:33:03 <gastaldi> with you as the main speaker
15:33:11 <koentsje> gastaldi: yes my wretched memory seemed to remember such a thing ;)
15:33:22 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: ah yeah that's right :) I remember now
15:33:27 <vineetreynolds> We should write a Bug Monkey for gastaldi , that will randomly assign him bugs from JIRA
15:33:28 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: it's been too long.
15:33:30 <gastaldi> you need to slow down on the Chimays :)
15:33:41 <lincolnthree> Hoegarden Grand Cru!!!!
15:33:45 <lincolnthree> I haven't had one since Belgium!
15:33:50 <lincolnthree> You can't get them here!!
15:34:00 <lincolnthree> i can't even spell it anymore
15:34:03 <gastaldi> damn, now I want to taste it :P
15:34:04 <lincolnthree> Hoegaarten
15:34:14 <lincolnthree> d
15:34:14 <lincolnthree> damn
15:34:36 <koentsje> you guys are all alcoholics :-P
15:34:36 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: off topic, but that bottle of whiskey I got you. i've been drinking mine, and it's really good
15:35:15 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, nice, I'm a hoarder so I am thinking whether I should open it :)
15:35:21 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: not the right season here for Cachaca
15:35:34 * koentsje don’t know what people like about hoegaerden
15:35:38 <gastaldi> haha yes it is, isn't it cold?
15:35:52 * koentsje considers hoegaerden dish washing water
15:36:17 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, drink a glass of it and you can run in the snow shirtless
15:36:20 <vineetreynolds> lol we're discussing priorities or alcohol, or is alcohol a priority?
15:36:23 <gastaldi> koentsje, haha
15:36:24 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: LOL
15:36:29 <lincolnthree> ok
15:36:32 <gastaldi> always!
15:36:33 <lincolnthree> so right
15:36:38 * koentsje remembers latin saying: de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est
15:36:40 <gastaldi> oh wait, no, Forge is the priority
15:36:42 <lincolnthree> right
15:36:53 <lincolnthree> #info We need to finish the netbeans plugin (and related paperwork, etc)
15:37:04 <lincolnthree> #info We need to finish the website
15:37:17 <lincolnthree> #info Continue to support "initiatives" and partners.
15:37:19 <lincolnthree> what else?
15:37:49 <gastaldi> I did a lot of tests around the Netbeans plugin before saying that it's done :)
15:38:23 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: :D
15:38:33 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: That's because you are awesome and you test things/
15:38:37 <gastaldi> not automated tests, because I didn't find a nice way to test it
15:39:07 <lincolnthree> Yeah that's ok.
15:39:11 <gastaldi> meh, I suck on writing unit tests :)
15:39:22 <lincolnthree> What other priorities do you think we need to start thinking about?
15:39:37 <lincolnthree> I think xPaaS and Microservices are both really important.
15:39:50 <agoncal> lincolnthree Don't know, what do you have in your roadmap ?
15:40:00 <lincolnthree> agoncal: is that a clever hint? ;)
15:40:07 <agoncal> What I would like is to start implementing Java EE 7 stuff
15:40:07 <gastaldi> uh, what?
15:40:07 <gastaldi> :)
15:40:16 <lincolnthree> agoncal: oh that's actually a good idea
15:40:40 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: what do you think?
15:40:58 <agoncal> project-new --named myee6proj  --version 6   would generate different code that   project-new --named myee7proj  --version 7
15:41:04 <gastaldi> agoncal, what JavaEE 7 stuff are you talking about?
15:41:20 <lincolnthree> agoncal: I think that we might want to consider adding the concept of "stacks" back into Forge 2
15:41:24 <lincolnthree> agoncal: target runtimes
15:41:25 <gastaldi> version ? that's not supposed to be used that way :)
15:41:53 <lincolnthree> agoncal: project-new —named foo —targetRuntime javaee-6
15:41:53 <gastaldi> unless you're talking about javaee-setup
15:41:54 <lincolnthree> etc
15:42:04 <agoncal> Well, if it's a EE6 project I want jpa-new-entity to generate a persistence.xml with 2.0, 2.1 if it's a EE7 project
15:42:20 <gastaldi> yeah, targetRuntime looks like a good idea
15:42:35 <agoncal> If it's a EE7 project, then I have new commands (ex batch, web socket...) if it's a EE6 project, I won't have those...
15:42:52 <agoncal> gastaldi Yes, something like javaee-setup
15:43:21 <agoncal> lincolnthree Yes, I like the idea of "stacks"
15:43:38 <lincolnthree> targetRuntime would basically be a collection of facets
15:43:51 <lincolnthree> but it would also be stored in the project-level configuration
15:44:05 <lincolnthree> so that other commands/facets can make decisions based upon that information
15:44:06 <agoncal> A EE6 stack would have a certain number of commands, setups... and a EE7 stack different ones (but also some similar)
15:44:30 <lincolnthree> agoncal: it would remove the need to select spec versions before running commands for the first time
15:44:58 <agoncal> lincolnthree yes
15:45:41 <agoncal> But what's not implements in Forge today (well, I think) is this idea of "stack" which would be a subset of facets
15:45:58 <agoncal> EE6 stack == JPA 2.0 facet + CDI 1.0 facet
15:46:00 <lincolnthree> agoncal: correct
15:46:10 <agoncal> EE7 stack == JPA 2.1 facet + CDI 1.1 facet + Batch 1.0 facet
15:46:13 <lincolnthree> agoncal: and the ability to "look up" that information programmatically
15:46:27 <lincolnthree> agoncal: i think a stack should contain mostly free-form data
15:46:28 <agoncal> lincolnthree Yes, that would be nice too
15:46:36 <lincolnthree> agoncal: the ee-stacks will happen to contain facets probably
15:46:49 <lincolnthree> agoncal: but they could also contain compatible application servers, etc
15:46:53 <gastaldi> maybe that's something to consider for Forge 3?
15:47:05 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: which part?
15:47:07 <gastaldi> or can we make it without breaking stuff in 2?
15:47:13 <gastaldi> the stacks idea
15:47:17 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: I think we can make it without breaking stuff
15:47:21 <gastaldi> good
15:48:09 <agoncal> Yes, maybe something for Forge 3
15:48:53 <gastaldi> we don't have any roadmap for Forge 3 yet, except the replacement of DirectoryResource/FileResource with PathResource
15:49:11 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: Yeah forge 3 is basically fixing the resources APi so far
15:49:23 <lincolnthree> right now it's too tied to the real filesystem.
15:49:43 <gastaldi> maybe we should target JDK 8 also
15:49:43 <lincolnthree> #info Consider work on the "Stacks" concept/addon.
15:49:48 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: maybeeee…..
15:50:00 <gastaldi> JDK 7 should be EOL'ed soon
15:51:17 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: oh. perhaps i guess
15:51:49 <lincolnthree> oh hey, could you guys vote for this?
15:51:51 <lincolnthree> http://www.dzone.com/links/simple_java_ee_jsf_login_page_with_jboss_picketli.html
15:51:51 <jbossbot> 4Status 403
15:52:06 <agoncal> Does Roaster know how to generate code for both Java6 and Java7 (example using diamond syntax with JavaSE7)
15:52:13 <lincolnthree> agoncal: it does not :/
15:52:54 <agoncal> lincolnthree That's what I thought. If we do a javaee-setup version 7, I want my generated code to be JavaSE7 compliant
15:53:17 <lincolnthree> agoncal: well, it would be, right?
15:53:26 <lincolnthree> agoncal: because it's backwards compatible
15:53:32 <lincolnthree> agoncal: but I get what you're saying
15:53:35 <lincolnthree> agoncal: you want the newest stuff
15:55:26 <agoncal> javaee-setup version 6, generates SE6 code,  javaee-setup version 7 generates SE7 code (same code but with SE7 syntax)
15:55:40 <agoncal> And of course, prepare the same behaviour for SE8 (and EE8)
15:55:46 <gastaldi> Roaster is compatible with JDK 8 sources
15:56:42 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, ask for votes in thecore
15:57:14 <vineetreynolds> Well, yes, but Eclipse JDT is being specified only a source level of 1.6
15:57:35 <agoncal> vineetreynolds Oh, really ?
15:57:38 <vineetreynolds> Changing that should be easy
15:57:54 <vineetreynolds> agoncal, Roaster intsructs JDT afaik, and that can be changed
15:58:06 <vineetreynolds> The difficult part is obviously stacks
15:58:09 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: yes, but there are some complications with changing the source compatability afaik
15:58:19 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree, hmm like?
15:58:21 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: possibly something we can do dynamically
15:58:49 <gastaldi> yes, some methods throw exceptions in JDT depending on the source level
15:58:58 <vineetreynolds> bleh
15:59:10 <gastaldi> I don't think we should change that
16:00:02 <vineetreynolds> Well we cant, but obviously this is not easy
16:02:07 <gastaldi> we don't need to change it, we just need to take care of the sources we generate
16:02:32 <gastaldi> like, depending on JDK 8 classes and stuff
16:03:16 <lincolnthree> yeah.
16:03:21 <lincolnthree> ok. i think that's all for the meeting?
16:03:26 <gastaldi> yup
16:03:30 <gastaldi> Nice meeting
16:03:31 <lincolnthree> cool.
16:03:33 <gastaldi> you all rock!
16:03:34 <lincolnthree> thanks folks
16:03:37 <lincolnthree> #endmeeting