14:59:23 <lincolnthree1> #startmeeting
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14:59:28 <lincolnthree1> #chair koentsje
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14:59:35 <lincolnthree1> #chair agoncal
14:59:35 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal koentsje lincolnthree1
14:59:39 <lincolnthree1> #info Status Reports
14:59:47 <lincolnthree1> #info Priorities and Next Steps
14:59:50 <lincolnthree1> other topics?
15:00:18 <lincolnthree1> ok.
15:00:21 <lincolnthree1> #nexttopic
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15:00:25 <koentsje> lol
15:00:27 <lincolnthree1> #topic Status Reports
15:00:32 <soro> jboss forge hackergarten Devoxx France.
15:00:41 <lincolnthree1> ok soro, thanks
15:00:46 <lincolnthree1> #addtopic Priorities and Next Steps
15:00:58 <lincolnthree1> #addtopic JBoss Forge Hackergarten Devoxx France
15:01:07 <soro> stalep, aesh release 0.57 ?
15:01:15 <agoncal> I've just submitted a Forge "Tools in Action" talk for Devoxx UK (June). Will see if it's approved
15:01:16 <soro> update aesh in forge?
15:01:25 <lincolnthree1> soro: that's not really a topic for the meeting, but good to put in a JIRA
15:01:31 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: awesome!
15:01:32 <soro> ok lincolnthree1
15:01:39 <lincolnthree1> #chair lincolnthree
15:01:39 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal koentsje lincolnthree lincolnthree1
15:02:02 <lincolnthree1> #info Last week I worked on some designs for making the test harness simpler, and worked on the website design implementation with the designer
15:02:18 <lincolnthree1> #info I also had some brainstorming sessions about Forge and Microservices
15:02:31 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: your turn!
15:03:21 <koentsje> #info the plugin versions in JBT need to be bumped
15:03:54 <koentsje> should support for F1 be removed in JBDS 9?
15:04:05 <koentsje> probably yes
15:05:19 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: I think so
15:05:31 <koentsje> ok, then i’ll take care of it
15:05:32 <lincolnthree1> koentsje: we no longer support it and we have all functionality ported to 2
15:06:08 <lincolnthree1> I haven't heard of anyone using Forge 1 in months now
15:06:30 <koentsje> right, that’s what i was thinking
15:06:57 <koentsje> #info koentsje will remove F1 support from JBT master branch
15:07:03 <soro> lincolnthree1, I have other thing.. I started to write a JBoss Forge Book. Will publish in Brasil. I'm waiting the editor response and I'll have more information.
15:07:20 <koentsje> soro: that’s great
15:07:28 <lincolnthree1> soro: that is very awesome!
15:07:31 <soro> George review it.
15:07:35 <soro> I talked with George about it.
15:07:42 <soro> But I don't have response of the editor yet.
15:07:59 <soro> *George will review it
15:08:22 <lincolnthree1> soro: you've written most of it already?
15:09:04 <koentsje> soro: if they don’t want to publish it you can use https://www.lulu.com
15:09:06 <jbossbot> Title:3 Home
15:09:26 <soro> lincolnthree1, Nops
15:09:31 <soro> I'm start the process yet.
15:09:45 <soro> *starting
15:09:46 <agoncal> soro A paper book ? With a "book" editor ?
15:09:59 <soro> agoncal, yeah!
15:10:30 <soro> I suggested for editor and I'm waiting response.
15:10:42 <agoncal> soro You don't prefer to do it yourself and publish it on Lulu (or another self-published platform) ?
15:11:15 <soro> I don't see problem about it.
15:12:03 <ivannov> hi everybody :)
15:12:20 <soro> agoncal, I'll see the lulu too.
15:12:43 <soro> I didn't know lulu.
15:12:48 <soro> ivannov, Hi Ivan.. :D
15:13:01 <ivannov> hi soro :)
15:13:11 <agoncal> soro I've published 3 books with 2 different editors... and I've stopped : no added value, closed source, difficult to update... only problems
15:13:33 <gastaldi> hello
15:13:37 <ivannov> hi gastaldi :)
15:13:43 <gastaldi> have the meeting started yet?
15:13:45 <gastaldi> hey ivannov
15:13:47 <lincolnthree1> hey gastaldi :) hey ivannov!
15:13:50 <lincolnthree1> gastaldi: yes it has
15:13:56 <lincolnthree1> sorry i got distracted
15:14:12 <lincolnthree1> ok, we can continue now. soro was talking about writing his forge book
15:14:24 <lincolnthree1> and agoncal was talking about the pain of writing books :)
15:14:56 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 Writing a book is a pain... Writing a book is an editor is a BIG pain
15:14:57 <ivannov> good luck with that, soro :)
15:15:15 <ivannov> do you need help or you want to do it alone?
15:15:18 <soro> agoncal, I think that this editor is different. I want to try to publish with "Casa do Código"
15:16:00 <agoncal> soro Yes, but what if we want to contribute to it by translating it to English. Will it let do it ? I'm sure it won't
15:16:00 <soro> ivannov, ofc. But I'll writing in pt_BR
15:16:06 <soro> I talked with gastaldi about it.
15:16:38 <ivannov> ah, OK :)
15:17:18 <soro> agoncal, I don't know. I need talk with guys about it. But If I know this guys well, I think that It isn't a problem.
15:17:50 <lincolnthree1> #chair gastaldi
15:17:50 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi koentsje lincolnthree lincolnthree1
15:18:00 <lincolnthree1> #nexttopic
15:18:00 <jbott> #topic Priorities and Next Steps
15:18:07 <gastaldi> soro, you can count with me if you need an extra writer :)
15:18:14 <lincolnthree1> Okay, so this one is up for *some* debate, but right now we have a few things on the table.
15:18:41 <lincolnthree1> #info Integration enablement (whoever wants to use us, etc.) NetBeans Plugin, etc.
15:19:01 <lincolnthree1> #info JavaEE 7 - Commands (a JIRA with a list of commands to implement would be great.)
15:19:21 <gastaldi> #info Test harness improvements
15:19:22 <soro> gastaldi, Thank you. Probably I'll need help. I think that I have great support with you and agoncal for pt_BR book. :D
15:19:31 <lincolnthree1> #info Prototyping a Forge/Docker/Kubernetes/KeyCloak/REST microservices framework
15:19:44 <gastaldi> hello buzzwords :)
15:19:59 <lincolnthree1> yeaaaaaap
15:20:04 <lincolnthree1> but i think it will be interesting
15:21:14 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 Can you explain a bit more this "BuzzWordBingo" prototype ?
15:21:56 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: basically what I want to do
15:22:14 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: is create a framework where you download Forge, run it, run a command to set up a new "microservices project"
15:22:34 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: this sets you up with a maven project with a few APIs. Servlet, JAX-RS, and the KeyCloak security filter.
15:22:50 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: then you generate (or write) a simple JAX-RS (or servlet) microservice.
15:22:59 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: you can run a command to run it with Forge
15:23:03 <gastaldi> this is already achievable using a Maven Archetype
15:23:19 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: at which point Forge starts Undertow, and deploys the service.
15:23:25 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: redeploys could either happen automatically on file changes
15:23:34 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: or on command
15:23:45 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: then when you want to deploy, you publish to an openshift account
15:23:48 <soro> awesome! :)
15:23:54 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 looks like the behaviour is slightly different from Forge today
15:24:03 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: how so?
15:24:16 <ivannov> this looks to me as command line Spring Boot
15:24:22 <gastaldi> ivannov, yes
15:24:47 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 Would you create this with a simple project-new or something else ?
15:24:59 <ivannov> and yes, as agoncal mentioned, what's the difference with maven archetypes?
15:25:05 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: probably
15:25:10 <agoncal> (I'm still thinking of the "stack" concept we brought)
15:25:19 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: ah yes, we need stacks
15:25:24 <lincolnthree1> #info Stacks addon
15:25:35 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: doesn't have to be a difference, but this would be a workflow type thing
15:25:46 <ivannov> OK, I see
15:25:50 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: where you don't need to download an appserver to run the stuff, since it runs right in forge
15:25:54 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 project-new --named myproj --type javaee7   and   project-new --named myproj --type microsservice
15:26:08 <ivannov> ah, so that's the difference :)
15:26:28 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: yea, and it would just have a few commands to integrate things like the database, etc.
15:26:54 <agoncal> (somethinkg like)  If --type javaee7  then we have a subset of commands,   if --type microsservice then we have another subset
15:27:54 <agoncal> And when you create a new addon you give it a list of compatible stacks (i.e. "my bactch addon only works with the stack javaee7")
15:28:17 <ivannov> is a stack a set of facets?
15:29:29 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: yea basically
15:29:40 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: and a way of looking up what versions of things should be in the stack
15:29:47 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: so that they don't have to be asked when they run commands
15:30:21 <ivannov> I think that we already have something like this. let me look up the code
15:30:31 <agoncal> a stack a set of facets *with* version
15:30:47 <agoncal> the JPA facet is different in 2.0 and 2.1 (versioning is important)
15:32:12 <agoncal> lincolnthree1 We could even think of "if creating a project with a stack (e.g. Java EE 7) then the *-setup commands are not enabled" (this way you can't change the version of JPA, Servlet.... it is set by the stack)
15:33:29 <ivannov> there it is: org.jboss.forge.addon.parser.java.projects.JavaWebProjectType
15:34:22 <ivannov> I'm not saying that the parser addon is the right place for defining stacks, just that we already have the functionality implemented :)
15:34:22 <lincolnthree1> agoncal: right, we could even go that far
15:34:40 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: that's a project type, not a stack, per say
15:34:59 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: for instance, you can have a java web project on the EE6 or EE7 or Spring or whatever stacks
15:35:38 <ivannov> yes, you are right. just saying that it follows the principle of combining facets (plus adding them to a project)
15:35:55 <agoncal> A stack could even be "Full Java EE 7" or "Web Profile Java EE 7"
15:36:32 <agoncal> And, of course, you could create your own "In House Stack" (with only a certain number of facets)
15:37:08 <lincolnthree1> ok lets move on
15:37:11 <lincolnthree1> #nexttopic
15:37:11 <jbott> #topic JBoss Forge Hackergarten Devoxx France
15:38:03 <agoncal> I'll be at Devoxx France, but no time to participate in the Hachathon
15:38:18 <soro> So.. I had this idea. I think that this is a good form to show forge for community and fix some problems there.
15:38:36 <ivannov> agoncal, do you know when you'll announce who's accepted?
15:38:55 <lincolnthree1> soro: maybe to implement some EE7 commands?
15:39:13 <soro> lincolnthree1, This is a good idea.
15:39:26 <soro> Can we define JIRA issues for hackergarten?
15:40:13 <soro> And we can fix and close during the hacker time. :D
15:40:13 <ivannov> I think yes, we may use the issue labels
15:41:07 <agoncal> ivannov I'm not in the comittee, but it looks like it will take an extra week
15:41:44 <ivannov> OK, so in a week or so I will know whether I will go to Devoxx.FR or not :)
15:42:10 <ivannov> but anyway, the hackergarden idea is great and we can all participate even "offline" in the chat
15:43:29 <soro> ivannov, I prefer see you there.
15:44:54 <ivannov> well, me too, but my conference budget this year doesn't include paying for passes to anything besides Devoxx.BE :(
15:46:31 <soro> ivannov, :(
15:46:54 <lincolnthree1> ivannov: at least you got budget for it :)
15:47:07 <lincolnthree1> ok. so do you guys want to coordinate and pick out some JIRA issues?
15:47:17 <ivannov> it's from my personal savings, lincolnthree1 :)
15:47:30 <lincolnthree1> if you want, you can ask george or I for suggestions/or to look over what you picked out
15:47:42 <lincolnthree1> #nexttopic
15:47:42 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
15:47:46 <lincolnthree1> Cool, I think that's it.
15:47:50 <lincolnthree1> Thanks everyone!
15:47:59 <ivannov> let's do that when the conference time approaches. then we will know what is with highest prio. wdyt?
15:48:03 <lincolnthree1> yea
15:48:05 <lincolnthree1> agreed
15:48:28 <lincolnthree1> #info JIRA topics to bring to the Hackergarten will be discussed closer to conference time and base on current priorities
15:48:34 <lincolnthree1> #endmeeting