15:01:00 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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15:01:08 <gastaldi> #chair koentsje vineetreynolds pmuir
15:01:08 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi koentsje pmuir vineetreynolds
15:01:25 <gastaldi> Good morning gentlemen, let's get the meeting started
15:01:29 <gastaldi> #topic Agenda
15:01:50 <gastaldi> #addtopic Priorities
15:01:57 <gastaldi> #addtopic Conferences
15:02:45 <gastaldi> anything else?
15:04:13 <gastaldi> no? then let's go
15:04:17 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:04:17 <jbott> #topic Priorities
15:04:55 <gastaldi> #info gastaldi published the Netbeans plugin into http://plugins.netbeans.org and the sources in https://github.com/forge/netbeans-plugin
15:05:03 <gastaldi> Still waiting for approval
15:05:11 <jbossbot> Title:3 NetBeans Plugin Portal, NetBeans IDE Plugins Repository
15:05:21 <gastaldi> The netbeans asked me to upload some screenshots before their approval
15:05:26 <gastaldi> *netbeans team
15:05:41 <koentsje> screenshots?
15:05:50 <koentsje> that’s a weird approval system
15:05:54 <gastaldi> yeah, from the Netbeans plugin in action
15:05:55 <vineetreynolds> Why would they need them?
15:05:59 <vineetreynolds> eh
15:06:15 <gastaldi> they want something like http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/57279/aspose-maven-project-wizard
15:06:16 <jbossbot> Title:3 Aspose Maven Project Wizard - NetBeans Plugin detail
15:06:35 <gastaldi> no biggie, will do after the meeting is over
15:07:18 <gastaldi> ah wait, they just did
15:07:19 <gastaldi> http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/57296/
15:07:20 <jbossbot> Title:3 JBoss Forge - NetBeans Plugin detail
15:07:41 <koentsje> awesome!
15:07:52 <koentsje> well done gastaldi :)
15:08:02 <gastaldi> thanks, I'll add the screenshots later so it can look better :)
15:08:08 <koentsje> and already 7 downloads :D
15:08:30 <gastaldi> lol
15:08:41 <ivannov> hi everybody :)
15:08:45 <gastaldi> hey ivannov
15:08:47 <koentsje> hey you have to start somewhere :)
15:08:51 <koentsje> hi ivannov
15:09:08 <ivannov> right on time for the great news :)
15:09:14 <gastaldi> ivannov, have you tried the Netbeans plugin already? :)
15:09:20 <ivannov> great job, gastaldi! :)
15:09:25 <gastaldi> thank you :)
15:09:27 <koentsje> gastaldi: he already downloaded it 7 times ;)
15:09:28 <ivannov> no, I haven't. just watched your video
15:09:31 <gastaldi> LO
15:09:32 <gastaldi> L
15:09:50 <gastaldi> ivannov, well, feel free to download it from http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/57296/ and rate it :)
15:09:51 <jbossbot> Title:3 JBoss Forge - NetBeans Plugin detail
15:10:18 <ivannov> yes, I will! :)
15:12:13 <koentsje> #info the code freeze for jbt 4.3.0.alpha1 is coming up on thursday
15:12:45 <koentsje> purpose of this release is verify that the build works and main functionality continues to work with mars
15:13:13 <gastaldi> awesome
15:14:36 <jbossbot> git [12website] push 10master7 08103d0.. 6George Gastaldi Added Netbeans plugin link
15:14:36 <jbossbot> git [12website] push 10master URL: http://github.com/forge/website/commit/08103d0bb
15:14:57 <koentsje> #info the code freeze for jbt 4.2.3.Beta1 is coming up on februari 26th
15:16:07 <koentsje> this follows the normal process of pr’s for branch and should only contain bug fixes
15:22:16 <ivannov> did the meeting end? :)
15:22:37 <gastaldi> ivannov, not yet
15:22:48 <gastaldi> sorry, got distracted by some tasks
15:23:04 <gastaldi> anything else concerning this topic?
15:25:11 <lincolnthree> Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic :(
15:25:11 <gastaldi> hey lincolnthree
15:25:14 <gastaldi> #chair lincolnthree
15:25:14 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi koentsje lincolnthree pmuir vineetreynolds
15:25:25 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, we're talking about Priorities now
15:25:37 <lincolnthree> ok great. let me catch up on the log. who's here?
15:25:47 <gastaldi> ivannov, koentsje vineetreynolds
15:25:55 <gastaldi> and agoncal just arrived :)
15:26:17 <agoncal> Hey
15:26:18 <lincolnthree> ok. im caught up :p
15:27:01 <lincolnthree> so I think one priority is to fix the furnace version lockout feature so that it doesn't restrict unless set to .useStrictVersions(true)
15:27:42 <lincolnthree> I think another priority is now that the netbeans plugin is done, working on some of the EE7 stuff, or adding some new functional features (new commands, etc)
15:28:14 <agoncal> lincolnthree Yes, new commands would be great
15:28:34 <gastaldi> yeah, agreed
15:28:36 <lincolnthree> agoncal: did you create the JIRA with a list of EE commands you wanted?
15:28:55 <lincolnthree> agoncal: I think you did or were going to do that?
15:29:40 <agoncal> lincolnthree Grr... slow connection, can't find the JIRA....
15:30:24 <lincolnthree> agoncal: np, when you can, could you email it to the devlist? we can get the progress/discussion started
15:31:07 <agoncal> lincolnthree Ok. And there is also an important JIRA about "shall we refactor the commands" (so it's easier to create new ones)
15:31:16 <gastaldi> FORGE-1926 ?
15:31:18 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-1926] Adding more commands to Forge and improve existing ones [10Open (Unresolved) Task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-1926
15:31:36 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: i guess most of the people working with forge have taken a break, so what's on your plate currently? maybe it's also time to finally write more docs and improve the users/addon dev guides
15:31:58 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, yeah, that is in the top of my list
15:32:11 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: i've picked up the website again and started reviewing all of the pages.
15:32:29 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: I think I will probably start merging them in, but there are still some bugs that need to be fixed.
15:32:43 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: (reviewing the designs that james has completed)
15:32:52 <gastaldi> Is his work finished?
15:32:59 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: not quite i think
15:33:21 <gastaldi> maybe we need to schedule a hangout so he can show us how it is
15:33:59 <agoncal> FORGE-2109
15:34:00 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-2109] Refactoring the UICommands [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2109
15:35:58 <agoncal> I created this JIRA because because of frustration : I would like to create so many new commands, but I feel stuck in different ways (not enough knowledge, command code not similar, testing...)
15:36:59 <gastaldi> well, the idea of having interfaces for commands is to allow a command to be used in wizards
15:37:13 <gastaldi> but I think we should review this strategy
15:38:21 <gastaldi> I think that for the sake of simplicity, commands should be represented as a single class (extending Abstract ones as needed)
15:38:32 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: whenever possible, yes.
15:39:23 <gastaldi> Also I believe that invoking services instead of commands is a much better strategy
15:39:39 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: invoking services where?
15:39:41 <gastaldi> like, if you want to create a project, you use ProjectFactory instead of calling the "Project: New" command
15:39:45 <lincolnthree> right
15:39:49 <lincolnthree> agreed
15:40:00 <lincolnthree> but that sometimes leads to duplication of inputs i suppose
15:40:17 <lincolnthree> brb phone, sorry, continue!
15:42:07 <gastaldi> I think we can move on
15:43:29 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
15:43:29 <jbott> #topic Conferences
15:43:49 <gastaldi> I don't have any updates to Conferences yet
15:43:59 <gastaldi> koentsje, agoncal ^^ ?
15:44:04 <gastaldi> ivannov, also?
15:44:18 <koentsje> bad news actually :(
15:44:44 <koentsje> #info the hands on lab proposal for devoxx fr was declined
15:44:46 <ivannov> yes, bad news. our devoxx fr talk was rejected
15:44:59 <gastaldi> :(
15:45:01 <gastaldi> wtf
15:45:22 <koentsje> #info i did a succesful hands on lab at devconf in brno last weekend
15:45:38 <agoncal> koentsje :o(
15:45:59 <agoncal> koentsje Yes I saw that this morning #sad
15:46:18 <koentsje> agoncal: i know you submitted something for devoxx uk, are you planning something for devoxx in poland?
15:46:25 <agoncal> (disclaimer I'm not involved in the Program Committee)
15:47:00 <gastaldi> agoncal, if you were, the talk would certainly be accepted :)
15:47:03 <koentsje> agoncal: don’t worry about it, like i told wadael, submitting stuff comes with the risk of putting a dent in your ego when the proposalis declined ;)
15:47:06 <agoncal> koentsje Yes, a Tools in Action in Devoxx UK, but I'm still not sure if I can go to Poland
15:47:41 <lincolnthree> so no forge at devoxx fr? :( bummer
15:47:43 <koentsje> agoncal: it’s the same week as devnation, so not sure if i can go there
15:47:47 <lincolnthree> ah yea
15:48:13 <gastaldi> yeah, JavaOne Brazil is in the same week as devnation too, so I haven't submitted anything
15:48:27 <agoncal> lincolnthree Last year I did a Tools in Action at DevoxxFR
15:48:36 <gastaldi> because this year has so few weeks...  :)
15:48:48 <koentsje> there is also the voxxed day in istanbul coming up where i can try
15:49:24 <koentsje> let’s show the turks some forge ;)
15:49:28 <gastaldi> :D
15:49:35 <ivannov> you have to hurry up with that, koentsje
15:49:57 <koentsje> ivannov: i believe it’s until februari 28th
15:50:08 <ivannov> but if you submit a forge talk, be aware that voxxed Vienna rejected my talk
15:50:10 <koentsje> ivannov: or are you going?
15:50:30 <koentsje> ivannov: they did? shame on them as well! :)
15:50:53 <ivannov> it's quite close here, but no, with our JUG we plan to do a conference in May, so no chance :)
15:51:35 <lincolnthree> back
15:51:37 <ivannov> my feeling about conferences is that (if it is not JavaOne of course), we have to broaden our repertoire
15:51:57 <koentsje> ivannov: what do you mean?
15:52:04 <ivannov> say, talk about Forge and Boot. or Forge and Play. or Forge and Grails
15:52:13 <ivannov> not just Forge
15:52:34 <gastaldi> hmm
15:52:37 <agoncal> or the opposite : talk about Java EE, talk about Angular, talk about JSF (and use Forge for the demos)
15:53:07 <koentsje> agoncal: yes, i think that’s probably the right approach
15:53:23 <gastaldi> yeah, I think that's a good approach too
15:53:29 <lincolnthree> yeah, talking about a technology and using Forge to do it is a very compelling approach :)
15:53:33 <lincolnthree> it shows how forge helps you do real things
15:53:40 <agoncal> In fact, tomorow I'm giving a talk at a JUG on CDI... and on all the demos I use Forge
15:53:50 <ivannov> yes, maybe not really Java EE, but CDI for example. that's also an option
15:54:34 <agoncal> BTW, my talk on CDI is accepted at Devoxx FR.... and I'll be using Forge for the demos (so there will be a bit of Forge at DevoxxFR  ;o)
15:54:46 <koentsje> great! :)
15:54:50 <ivannov> nice :)
15:55:42 <gastaldi> awesome
15:55:52 <gastaldi> agoncal, make sure to show them in all IDEs :)
15:55:55 <lincolnthree> ah nice!
15:55:57 <agoncal> That's also why I push to have new commands in Forge (so I can use it more and more)
15:56:14 <agoncal> gastaldi I'm over 40 you know, I'm a CLI guy ;o)
15:56:18 <lincolnthree> agoncal: that's really helpful to us BTW :) so keep telling us what you need
15:56:22 <lincolnthree> agoncal: hehe
15:56:29 <gastaldi> haha, np
15:56:54 <gastaldi> in fact the CLI is much more attractive than the GUI
15:57:24 <agoncal> gastaldi What I always do during the demos, it's switch from CLI to IDE
15:57:27 <koentsje> gastaldi: i disagree, i think this gui story is pretty strong
15:57:43 <agoncal> this way the attendees see that there is no "Forge locking" in your code
15:57:43 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: yeah the GUI is pretty solid IMO
15:58:09 <gastaldi> koentsje, right, I know it's solid, but I find it faster to type commands than to use the mouse :)
15:58:33 <gastaldi> agoncal, now that would be a perfect time to compare with Boot
15:58:49 <koentsje> gastaldi: yes, i see your point but 80% of the devs is clicky clicky ;)
15:58:55 <koentsje> including me :)
15:58:57 <gastaldi> :)
15:59:19 <agoncal> gastaldi That's a good point actually (but I already have so few free time that I don't feel learning Boot)
16:00:04 <gastaldi> agoncal, you can just say that Boot depends on Spring libraries, whereas Forge does not depend on any specific library besides Java EE :)
16:01:11 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: spring boot is more about microservices than it is about CLI
16:01:19 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: we should have a microservices story before we start that comparison
16:01:48 <koentsje> lincolnthree: i think we probably should have a microservices story, full stop :)
16:01:54 <lincolnthree> koentsje: agreed
16:02:06 <koentsje> let’s ride the hype
16:02:16 <lincolnthree> agreed ;)
16:02:25 <gastaldi> yeah, let's have  the same features from http://projects.spring.io/spring-boot/
16:02:26 <jbossbot> Title:3 Spring Boot
16:03:15 <gastaldi> except the Spring part, because that sucks :)
16:03:22 <ivannov> guys, sorry, I need to rush to a JUG meeting :)
16:03:32 <gastaldi> I think we are done
16:03:34 <ivannov> see you next week! bye
16:03:40 <gastaldi> see you!
16:03:54 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
16:03:54 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
16:04:06 <koentsje> see you ivannov
16:04:42 <gastaldi> Anything else we should discuss?
16:05:16 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: not that i know of. i'm just going to continue reviewing the site implementation
16:05:23 <agoncal> Coming back to "creating, testing, refactoring new comands"
16:05:48 <agoncal> What about I ask you what to do (e.g. "How do I write a CDI command")
16:06:14 <agoncal> You write a little something about it, I review it, complete it... and then we push it to the website
16:06:15 <agoncal> ?
16:06:20 <gastaldi> deal
16:06:24 <agoncal> good
16:06:29 <lincolnthree> agoncal: deal :)
16:06:52 <agoncal> If we ping-pong a bit, you will see where my difficulties are
16:07:00 <gastaldi> sure
16:07:15 <agoncal> This will 1) create more documentation 2) and maybe refactor some code so it's easier
16:07:26 <gastaldi> agreed
16:07:30 <agoncal> cool
16:07:39 <lincolnthree> agoncal: yeah, i like that approach
16:07:42 <agoncal> How do you want to exchange ? JIRA ?
16:07:51 <gastaldi> that, or we can use Trello
16:08:05 <agoncal> Hum....
16:08:10 <gastaldi> Trello seems easier in this case for tasks
16:08:22 <agoncal> The JIRA could also be used then to just copy/paste the content to the website
16:08:41 <gastaldi> sure, that works too
16:09:17 <gastaldi> although I rather having these changes applied directly in Github
16:10:26 <gastaldi> what if I create the asciidoc in Github and we use Pull-Requests for discussion?
16:10:30 <agoncal> Or maybe just use the ones already there (e.g. FORGE-2226)
16:10:32 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-2226] Being able to add a CDI injection point [10Open (Unresolved) Sub-task,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2226
16:11:04 <agoncal> gastaldi Yes, good idea
16:11:13 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: +1
16:11:18 <agoncal> +1
16:11:21 <gastaldi> great
16:12:20 <agoncal> So what about :
16:12:38 <gastaldi> after the changes are done, we change the YAML file and BAM! the content is published to our website :)
16:12:47 <agoncal> 1) Creating / Testing a "xxx-new-xxx" command (e.g. jpa-new-listener)
16:12:49 <agoncal> and then
16:13:12 <agoncal> 2) Creating / Testing a "xxx-add-xxx" command (e.g. cdi-add-injection-point)
16:13:26 <gastaldi> nice
16:13:38 <agoncal> Because I don't really know how to create commands based on already existing code ("add" commands)
16:14:03 <agoncal> 3) Creating / Testing a command dealing with XML
16:14:10 <gastaldi> you get the selected context or from the parameters and cast it to the resource you are expecting on
16:14:34 <agoncal> That's a tricky on for me. Some commands (e.g. CDI Extension) need to write bits of text or XML... and I never know how to do it
16:14:41 <gastaldi> sure
16:14:45 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: I suspect that openshift changed the clustering config on EAP gears, that's probably what broke the docs server yesterday
16:14:52 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, oh
16:15:37 <agoncal> So shall I create a few JIRAs about "Documenting Command Creation" and then we will point them to PR ?
16:15:44 <gastaldi> +1
16:15:53 <gastaldi> assign them directly to me
16:16:00 <agoncal> ok
16:16:10 <gastaldi> thank you
16:16:39 <gastaldi> where do you guys usually edit asciidoc files?
16:16:58 <gastaldi> like, in a WYSIWYG approach
16:17:17 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: I use redoculous editor
16:17:28 <agoncal> Intellij IDEA Plugin
16:17:32 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: http://www.ocpsoft.org/redoculous/
16:17:32 <jbossbot> Title:3 Redoculous | OCPsoft
16:17:39 <lincolnthree> agoncal: check this out :p http://www.ocpsoft.org/redoculous/
16:17:39 <jbossbot> Title:3 Redoculous | OCPsoft
16:17:52 <agoncal> Cool
16:17:59 <lincolnthree> agoncal: no seriously, watch the video
16:18:24 <gastaldi> https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/org/ocpsoft/redoculous-embedded/ is broken
16:18:25 <jbossbot> 4Status 404
16:18:31 <lincolnthree> uuhhhhg
16:18:33 <lincolnthree> shit
16:18:41 <lincolnthree> let me see if I can fix that
16:18:41 <lincolnthree> sec
16:19:29 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: get the released version
16:19:33 <gastaldi> yup
16:19:35 <lincolnthree> alpha4
16:19:41 <gastaldi> you can point to https://oss.sonatype.org/#nexus-search;quick~redoculous-embedded instead
16:19:42 <jbossbot> Title:3 Sonatype Nexus Professional
16:20:27 <gastaldi> ok, let's end this meeting
16:20:30 <gastaldi> #endmeeting