22:43:03 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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22:43:04 <lincolnthree> ya
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22:43:09 <agoncal> Yes, I will have to leave in 20 minutes but
22:43:11 <gastaldi> #chair lincolnthree agoncal koentsje vineetreynolds
22:43:11 <jbott> Current chairs: agoncal gastaldi koentsje lincolnthree vineetreynolds
22:43:19 <gastaldi> #topic Agenda
22:43:21 <lincolnthree> thanks gastaldi :)
22:43:25 <gastaldi> #addtopic Forge Tutorials
22:43:40 <gastaldi> #addtopic Priority tasks
22:43:43 <gastaldi> #addtopic Website
22:43:49 <gastaldi> anything else?
22:43:57 <agoncal> Roadmap
22:44:00 <lincolnthree> #addtopic JBDS Forge 1
22:44:09 <gastaldi> #addtopic Roadmap
22:44:33 <gastaldi> ok, let's get started, there is no time to lose :)
22:44:43 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
22:44:43 <jbott> #topic Forge Tutorials
22:44:48 <lincolnthree> Sounds good.
22:45:03 <agoncal> I've finished the 1st draft of the tutorial :
22:45:05 <agoncal> https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Y-zcl2-fp-Kxdq1wq8gM37_AUeWX6SQiYV65d7H5es/edit?usp=sharing
22:45:05 <jbossbot> Title:3 Documenting how to create and test a command that creates Java code - Google Docs
22:45:19 <gastaldi> agoncal, excellent! good job
22:45:30 <agoncal> This tutorial takes a very basic command (creating a Bean Validation Payload) and documents it
22:45:54 <lincolnthree> It's really impressive actually, very comprehensive
22:46:04 <agoncal> So now it would be good if different eyes could read it, add more information.... and bang, we have a few questions to add to the FAQ + a 1st basic tutorial
22:46:08 <gastaldi> yes, it's in the same level as the HoL
22:46:32 <gastaldi> It would be nice if a newbie user could do that
22:46:43 <agoncal> Then I'll do something more advanced (it's also a very good way to learn)
22:47:07 <agoncal> gastaldi Anybody in mind ? Of we just fire an email to the users' ML
22:47:26 <gastaldi> agoncal, I think firing an email to the users ML is an excellent idea
22:47:30 <lincolnthree> if a newbie could review it?
22:47:34 <lincolnthree> yea, that would be nice
22:47:42 <agoncal> Ok, I'll send an email then
22:47:49 <agoncal> (and Tweet about it)
22:48:15 <gastaldi> #action agoncal will send an email to the Forge ML/tweet asking for reviewers for the tutorial
22:48:30 <lincolnthree> brb
22:48:58 <gastaldi> agoncal, when are you planning to start the next tutorial?
22:49:27 <agoncal> gastaldi Hum... Good question, I'm a bit busy at the moment... Maybe start gently next week
22:49:51 <gastaldi> #action agoncal will start the next tutorial gently next week
22:49:58 <agoncal> lol
22:50:02 <gastaldi> just for the meeting notes ;)
22:50:36 <gastaldi> make sure to use @JBossForge in your tweet so we can retweet it
22:50:48 <agoncal> Oh yes
22:51:22 <lincolnthree> back sorry
22:51:29 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, wb
22:52:05 <gastaldi> anything else related to this topic?
22:52:25 <agoncal> No, once it's reviewed then we will need to publish it, that's all
22:52:54 <gastaldi> perfect
22:53:00 <lincolnthree> ok. next :)
22:53:17 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
22:53:17 <jbott> #topic Priority tasks
22:53:36 <lincolnthree> Have we had any requests come in from other teams lately?
22:53:55 <gastaldi> not that I am aware of
22:54:01 <gastaldi> I am reviewing/testing some PRs right now from the community
22:54:19 <agoncal> BTW guys, ok for the refactoring I have done ?
22:54:32 <gastaldi> agoncal, they are great
22:54:33 <koentsje> lincolnthree: perhaps only the f1 stuff but you made it into a separate topic :)
22:54:39 <agoncal> It helped me in learning a bit more, add more test, and simplify some code : hope it's ok with you gyus
22:54:44 <lincolnthree> hehe
22:54:59 <gastaldi> agoncal, I was a bit unsure about having the constants declared in the JavaEEFacet, but I think that's fine
22:55:00 <lincolnthree> yea. i would say that finishing the removal of F1 is a priority
22:55:14 <lincolnthree> which refactoring? looking
22:55:17 <agoncal> gastaldi Yes, I wasn't sure about that too. I should have asked you first
22:55:29 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, the PRs that agoncal provided
22:55:38 <gastaldi> that I have already merged :)
22:55:44 <agoncal> FORGE-2109
22:55:46 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGE-2109] Refactoring the UICommands [10Open (Unresolved) Enhancement,7 Major,6 Unassigned] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGE-2109
22:55:48 <gastaldi> without asking :)
22:56:23 <lincolnthree> yea, that looks fine.
22:56:27 <lincolnthree> i'm ok with "beans"
22:56:30 <agoncal> lincolnthree Basically I've added an AbstractValidationCommand and AbstractCDICommand
22:56:58 <lincolnthree> excellent
22:56:59 <gastaldi> awesome, I think they are needed given the number of subclasses
22:57:03 <agoncal> lincolnthree And I've added a few extra test (checkCommandMetadata) so I got sure I would screw up anything
22:57:32 <agoncal> gastaldi Yes, and it would help (me) and others to add more commands I hope
22:57:34 <lincolnthree> thanks for renaming the tests as well
22:57:51 <gastaldi> I am glad the refactoring didn't break anything
22:58:03 <agoncal> gastaldi I did it gently ;o)
22:58:04 <gastaldi> at least for now :)
22:59:34 <gastaldi> #info Removal of Forge 1 from JBDS is #1 priority
22:59:49 <lincolnthree> ok cool. i don't have any other priorities right now other than supporting the fuse guys and webide if they need prototypes or help
22:59:50 <gastaldi> uh, not sure if it's #1, but anyway
23:00:14 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: ah, we need to add addonCompatibilityStrategy to JBDS
23:00:35 <lincolnthree> #info Upgrade JBDS plugin (and NetBeans/IntelliJ) to use addonCompatibilityStrategy
23:00:46 <lincolnthree> that needs to be in the next JBDS release
23:00:48 <lincolnthree> must be
23:00:49 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, yeah, maybe after we release 2.15.0.Final?
23:01:05 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: yea, we should do the release first i guess ;)
23:01:11 <gastaldi> that's a good idea ;)
23:01:54 <gastaldi> I am merging some PRs and then we can release it, any blockers?
23:02:08 <lincolnthree> no blockers here afaik
23:02:26 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, working on something related to Forge that would be included in 2.15.0.Final?
23:02:27 <lincolnthree> windup is running smooth atm
23:02:44 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, cool, with the SNAPSHOT version?
23:02:49 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, well let me see. I have other stuff to complete as well
23:02:51 <lincolnthree> #info Documentation improvement and website are both high priority
23:02:57 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: with 2.14.1
23:03:02 <gastaldi> great
23:03:26 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: I think now is a good time to focus on docs and website. I need to review the latest updates from jim
23:03:39 <gastaldi> #action The Forge Team will release 2.15.0.Final still this week
23:04:05 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, +1, I was thinking of using React.js for the website
23:04:35 <agoncal> (need to go guys.... see you)
23:04:48 <gastaldi> agoncal, see you! Thanks for joining us! :)
23:06:12 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, let me know if you need any help to review them
23:06:33 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: probably do :)
23:06:37 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: we can do that today if you want
23:06:37 <gastaldi> :)
23:06:40 <gastaldi> cool
23:06:57 <gastaldi> #action lincolnthree and gastaldi will review the latest website updates
23:07:06 <gastaldi> next topic?
23:07:23 <lincolnthree> ya
23:07:28 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
23:07:28 <jbott> #topic Website
23:07:37 <gastaldi> ok, we just did that I guess  :P
23:08:15 <lincolnthree> hah.
23:08:25 <lincolnthree> #info I have just received a new batch of changes from the designer that need review
23:08:38 <lincolnthree> #info We need to update Redoculous to use the filesystem, not infinispan
23:09:07 <lincolnthree> #info Site should be nearly done. Just have to make sure all of our feedback is incorporated into the HTML.
23:09:17 <lincolnthree> #info Then it's time to implement on the live site.
23:09:26 <lincolnthree> That will take some time but should be fun :)
23:10:31 <lincolnthree> next topic?
23:10:41 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
23:10:41 <jbott> #topic JBDS Forge 1
23:10:56 <lincolnthree> okay so what's the status of this? what is blocking this?
23:12:18 <gastaldi> maybe TiMo?
23:13:20 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: what's blocking TiMo?
23:14:12 <gastaldi> maxandersen, can you tell jbossbot to publish jbosstools-forge commits to #forge again?
23:14:25 <maxandersen> gastaldi: that is dmmloyd.
23:14:26 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: isn't that jbott's job?
23:14:35 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: i've noticed this broke in windup as well
23:14:36 <koentsje> i have agreed with maxandersen that i myself will also take a look at TiMo
23:14:39 <gastaldi> maxandersen, ok, will ping him
23:14:50 <lincolnthree> koentsje: great, thank you!
23:16:02 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree, Nothing. We need to test if git patch apply works in Win
23:16:25 <koentsje> but it would be good if vineetreynolds can indicate if there is or could be any problem with the removal
23:16:33 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: think you could do that today and let me know?
23:16:39 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: or tomorrow?
23:16:56 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree, yes, tomorrow is better. please remind if I foget
23:17:01 <lincolnthree> ok
23:17:05 <vineetreynolds> Too many things ...
23:17:05 <lincolnthree> thanks vineetreynolds
23:17:08 <lincolnthree> yeah i understand...
23:17:16 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, I know the feeling bro
23:17:48 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, Then you've been a sysadmin once?
23:18:01 <gastaldi> yeah, in my previous job
23:18:25 <vineetreynolds> woo docker and k8s is just like that
23:18:48 <gastaldi> it could be worse, you could be working with Ruby or Javascript
23:19:04 <vineetreynolds> Nah thats tame
23:19:10 <vineetreynolds> Can drink after that
23:19:20 <gastaldi> always look on the bright side of life :)
23:19:42 <lincolnthree> ok. next topic?
23:19:46 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
23:19:46 <jbott> #topic Roadmap
23:20:12 <lincolnthree> I'd like to put documentation on the roadmap. Possibly versioning furnace separately.
23:20:25 <gastaldi> hm, different groupId?
23:20:28 <lincolnthree> no
23:20:31 <gastaldi> ok
23:20:34 <lincolnthree> why would that change? :)
23:20:40 <gastaldi> just curious :)
23:21:14 <lincolnthree> We don't want to go through the project brand approval process for that ;)
23:21:16 <gastaldi> does that include the containers as well?
23:21:18 <lincolnthree> yes
23:21:21 <gastaldi> right
23:21:44 <gastaldi> what if we moved the furnace-cdi and furnace-simple to the furnace repository?
23:21:49 <gastaldi> to keep things simple?
23:22:03 <lincolnthree> i think it's simpler split up tbh
23:22:09 <lincolnthree> easier to release one if we need to do a bugfix
23:22:15 <lincolnthree> but maybe
23:22:18 <lincolnthree> hmm
23:22:29 <gastaldi> well, if they are all staying in the same version, I think it's easier to manage
23:22:49 <lincolnthree> Maybe so.
23:23:00 <lincolnthree> We can continue to keep them at the same version though.
23:23:04 <gastaldi> sure
23:23:12 <lincolnthree> But I don't think moving them is necessary
23:23:21 <lincolnthree> I like that it demonstrates the modular nature
23:23:27 <gastaldi> right
23:23:47 <gastaldi> although that doesn't say much, but ok
23:24:40 <gastaldi> ok, next topic?
23:24:40 <vineetreynolds> Is there anything in the roadmap for docker and k8s ?
23:24:46 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, we are planning a docker addon as part of GSoC
23:24:58 <vineetreynolds> Well, what's the scope?
23:25:14 <vineetreynolds> hmm hold on, let me look at the GSoC page
23:25:23 <gastaldi> https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/GSOC15Ideas#jive_content_id_Docker_Addon_for_JBoss_Forge
23:25:25 <jbossbot> Title:3 GSOC15 Ideas | JBoss Developer
23:25:25 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, ^^
23:26:16 <vineetreynolds> err maybe we should go beyond that. But not necessarily in GSoC
23:26:25 <lincolnthree> Yeah, I think the addon could do more.
23:26:31 <lincolnthree> Like managing dependencies and such.
23:26:35 <vineetreynolds> Yeah
23:26:36 <gastaldi> of course
23:26:42 <gastaldi> that was just an initial idea
23:26:48 <vineetreynolds> Reading this http://blog.arungupta.me/wildfly-javaee7-mysql-link-two-docker-container-techtip65/ and following the steps in there is painful
23:26:51 <jbossbot> Title:3 WildFly/JavaEE7 and MySQL linked on two Docker containers (Tech Tip #66) - Miles to go 2.0 ...
23:26:54 <vineetreynolds> Container linking is not fun
23:26:57 <gastaldi> I agree
23:27:30 <vineetreynolds> I think we should support the operations required by devops in this addon
23:28:01 <vineetreynolds> Like customizing the wildfly/jbosseap docker image to suit what the developer specifies
23:28:42 <vineetreynolds> Adding MySQL support to a Docker image could be automated because writing the Docker file is just tedious
23:28:46 <vineetreynolds> It can be automated
23:29:26 <vineetreynolds> That's it from me
23:29:30 <gastaldi> +1
23:29:31 <lincolnthree> yea that makes sense
23:29:39 <vineetreynolds> We should discuss this later when I'm done with k8s
23:30:12 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, any timeline when that could happen?
23:30:14 <vineetreynolds> Just for the record, this is what is required if you do it manually: https://github.com/arun-gupta/docker-images/blob/master/wildfly-mysql-javaee7/customization/execute.sh
23:30:41 <vineetreynolds> gastaldi, Maybe 2 weeks. But could be more, since I'm not doing it in context of Java EE but microservices
23:30:49 <gastaldi> k
23:30:52 <vineetreynolds> I mean JBoss EAP, not Java EE
23:31:07 <gastaldi> this looks like it installs the MySQL drivers and configures a DS
23:31:23 <vineetreynolds> Yeah
23:31:35 <vineetreynolds> The dev experience is just bad
23:32:35 <vineetreynolds> To top it all, the drivers need to be pre-downloaded and placed before running the docker build
23:32:44 <gastaldi> ouch
23:32:49 <vineetreynolds> See https://github.com/arun-gupta/docker-images/tree/master/wildfly-mysql-javaee7/customization
23:32:52 <vineetreynolds> :)
23:32:59 <gastaldi> definitely we could ease that with a forge addon
23:33:04 <vineetreynolds> yeah
23:33:15 <lincolnthree> let's make it so :)
23:33:33 <gastaldi> YES
23:33:53 <vineetreynolds> Doable, but you'll run into a maze of choices depending on the OS environments.
23:34:03 <vineetreynolds> Writing this in a portable manner is hard
23:34:27 <gastaldi> vineetreynolds, we could write using the simplest path possible
23:34:29 <vineetreynolds> But we should do it
23:34:36 <gastaldi> at least it is better than nothing ;)
23:34:40 <vineetreynolds> I dont think any other project in Javaland is more suited
23:35:38 <vineetreynolds> We may also have to add more functionality to the wildfly addon, to allow devs to customize wildfly during development
23:36:05 <lincolnthree> yeah, right now the wildfly addon is a bit.. barren, I think.
23:36:07 <lincolnthree> also a bit flaky
23:36:14 <vineetreynolds> On it's own, it doesnt appeal a lot. But when mixed with containers and a devops model, customizing images is a necessity
23:36:15 <lincolnthree> or has it improved in the last few months?
23:36:31 <vineetreynolds> I think there was some permgen issue that was resolved
23:36:37 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: i'd really like to create a Servers addon for forge, of which WildFly implements SPIs
23:36:43 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: right, that was the one
23:37:09 <vineetreynolds> Well the SPI should preferably look at what devops requires of it
23:37:17 <vineetreynolds> Ops already can manage with jboss cli
23:37:23 <vineetreynolds> Devs wont bother
23:37:34 <vineetreynolds> Only in devops will this make sense
23:37:50 <lincolnthree> right
23:39:06 <jsightler> Hmm, creating docker containers with forge could be interesting.
23:39:20 <jsightler> Is there an addon for that already?
23:39:31 <vineetreynolds> :p
23:39:51 <vineetreynolds> No, we're discussing it
23:39:53 <gastaldi> jsightler, that's what we were just discussing :)
23:41:13 <vineetreynolds> next topic?
23:41:16 <lincolnthree> i think it's time to end the official meeting for today
23:41:21 <lincolnthree> that was the last one afaik?
23:41:23 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
23:41:23 <jbott> No next topic. Use #addtopic to add topics.
23:41:37 <gastaldi> #endmeeting