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  1. Agenda (lincolnthree, 14:03:36)
  2. Status Reports (lincolnthree, 14:06:56)
    1. I've refactored the Furnace test harness to introduce the AddonArchive and @AddonDeployments features (lincolnthree, 14:07:19)
    2. it's now possible to use @AddonDependencies to automatically add dependencies to the AddonArchive, without needing to duplicate the information in the @Deployment method itself (lincolnthree, 14:07:49)
    3. You can also control import/export of the dependencies from the @AddonDependency or @AddonDeployment annotations. (lincolnthree, 14:08:07)
    4. This was released in 2.15.0 and 2.15.1 (there was a bug) (lincolnthree, 14:08:30)
    5. I also spent a good amount of time reviewing latest changes to the website, and I'm going to meet with the designer this week to discuss remaining issues (lincolnthree, 14:09:00)
    6. Forge 2.15.1.Final will be released today (gastaldi, 14:09:39)
    7. I also implemented an AddonLoadingStrategy policy with gastaldi that allows you to control what versions of addons may or may not be loaded by Furnace (lincolnthree, 14:10:01)
    8. that's all from me (lincolnthree, 14:10:07)
    9. Issues related to the Furnace container should now go into https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FURNACE (gastaldi, 14:10:56)
    10. I'll move the open issues associated with Furnace over there (gastaldi, 14:11:14)
    11. Furnace has now a separate JIRA project because it has it's own release cycle (gastaldi, 14:11:48)
    12. Finished writing Tutorial on creating a new Java EE Command (needs to be reviewed) (agoncal, 14:13:42)
    13. Started working on the second Tutorial about creating a new Java EE command that updates code (agoncal, 14:14:19)

  3. Website Status (lincolnthree, 14:27:25)
    1. I did the second review with the designer and found a lot of new issues with the site, so… sent it back for more fixes. Going to meet with him later this week to review and make sure it all gets fixed. (lincolnthree, 14:27:51)
    2. Forge 2.15.1.Final is released! (lincolnthree, 14:40:07)
    3. https://issues.jboss.org/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12311820&version=12326733 (gastaldi, 14:40:23)
    4. https://issues.jboss.org/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12311820&version=12326733 (lincolnthree, 14:40:38)

Meeting ended at 14:40:41 UTC (full logs).

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