14:51:46 <lincolnthree> #startmeeting
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14:51:56 <lincolnthree> #chair gastaldi
14:51:56 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi lincolnthree
14:51:58 <gastaldi> Hello everyone, welcome to our meeting
14:52:01 <lincolnthree> #topic Agenda
14:52:06 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Status reports
14:52:11 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Priorities
14:52:18 <lincolnthree> #addtopic Website status
14:52:23 <lincolnthree> anything else?
14:52:49 <gastaldi> I think the Forge release might fit into one of these
14:53:41 <gastaldi> Let's get started and we'll see what happens
14:54:59 <lincolnthree> ok
14:55:05 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
14:55:05 <jbott> #topic Status reports
14:55:53 <gastaldi> I was working today on the OSGi support and fixing some essential bugs before the release
14:56:03 <gastaldi> *yesterday
14:56:21 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: #info
14:57:07 <gastaldi> #info gastaldi is working in the OSGi support and fixing some essential bugs before the release
14:58:10 <gastaldi> But I am not sure I should keep on going with the OSGi support unless we understand how will that help
14:58:55 <lincolnthree> #info Last week I was at an engineering management meeting and didn't get to do much work on Forge.
14:58:57 <gastaldi> I tested by removing the packages in the eclipse plugin and it did not work
14:59:02 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: yes, let's figure that out today. ok..
14:59:48 <gastaldi> We still have a microservices meeting pending
15:00:31 <lincolnthree> Right.
15:01:26 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: any status to report for the meeting?
15:01:32 <lincolnthree> vineetreynolds: we are doing status reports atm
15:01:41 <vineetreynolds> lincolnthree, hmm no, nothing forge specific
15:02:43 <lincolnthree> ok
15:02:49 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:02:49 <jbott> #topic Priorities
15:03:01 <lincolnthree> What do we have in the pipeline atm?
15:03:04 <lincolnthree> currently the OSGi stuff
15:03:16 <lincolnthree> How is the fuse/camel stuff going?
15:03:29 <gastaldi> #chair vineetreynolds
15:03:29 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi lincolnthree vineetreynolds
15:03:56 <gastaldi> I think they depend on our release to release their stuff
15:05:37 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: the fuse stuff does?
15:05:42 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: what do they need?
15:05:56 <gastaldi> Yeah, I made an enhancement in the HintsFacet
15:06:02 <lincolnthree> ah, ok
15:08:17 <gastaldi> #info Next Forge version is 2.16.0.Final
15:09:57 <lincolnthree> kk
15:10:00 <lincolnthree> sorry got distracted
15:10:07 <gastaldi> np
15:10:13 <lincolnthree> next release is in 1.5 weeks afaik
15:10:32 <gastaldi> yeah, I was worried that agoncal is presenting Forge this week in Devoxx UK
15:10:48 <gastaldi> but he said he found a workaround for the bugs fixed in master
15:11:34 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: ok
15:11:53 <gastaldi> #addtopic Upcoming Conferences
15:12:08 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: ok. i think our priority should be finishing the OSGi stuff
15:12:12 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: then we should discuss microservices
15:12:28 <lincolnthree> #info #1: Finish OSGi research & integration
15:12:32 <gastaldi> sounds good, maybe maxandersen can help us with this
15:12:41 <lincolnthree> #info #2: Microservices prototyping and experiments
15:12:52 <lincolnthree> yeah
15:12:57 <lincolnthree> lets talk to him after the meeting
15:12:59 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:13:00 <jbott> #topic Website status
15:13:02 <gastaldi> I think he knows a bit about it :)
15:13:32 <lincolnthree> #info The website issues are almost resolved. We have 4 remaining issues left in github. We will begin implementing soon.
15:13:36 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: ah, the website is a priority
15:13:44 <gastaldi> #agreed
15:13:55 <lincolnthree> #nexttopic
15:13:55 <jbott> #topic Upcoming Conferences
15:15:47 <gastaldi> JavaOne SF C4P is open
15:16:18 <gastaldi> #info gastaldi is planning on submitting a talk about Forge to http://www.thedevelopersconference.com.br/
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15:18:09 <gastaldi> #info Devnation talk and lab were accepted
15:19:21 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: we will need to start working on that. I've already begun some discussions with the lab organizers
15:19:33 <gastaldi> yes, I saw the emails
15:20:14 <gastaldi> sorry,closed wrong window :P
15:21:53 <gastaldi> lincolnthree, I assume we'll use the Forge HoL material in the forge/docs repository?
15:22:25 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: yeah I think that makes sense
15:22:30 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: no need to reinvent the wheel
15:22:33 <lincolnthree> gastaldi: the lab seems solid
15:22:45 <gastaldi> that's what I thought when I submitted the lab proposal ;)
15:23:53 <lincolnthree> I think that's all for the meeting?
15:25:11 <lincolnthree> Thanks all!
15:25:13 <lincolnthree> #endmeeting