14:00:46 <gastaldi> #startmeeting
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14:00:50 <gastaldi> Hi ivannov
14:00:58 <gastaldi> just in time for the meeting
14:01:05 <gastaldi> #topic Agenda
14:01:18 <gastaldi> #addtopic Priorities
14:01:28 <ivannov> yeah :)
14:01:32 <gastaldi> #addtopic Status Updates
14:02:06 <gastaldi> ivannov: do you have any specific topic to discuss about?
14:02:19 <gastaldi> #chair ivannov
14:02:19 <jbott> Current chairs: gastaldi ivannov
14:02:36 <ivannov> well, not yet. let me tune in the status updates :)
14:02:47 <gastaldi> ok :)
14:03:34 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
14:03:34 <jbott> #topic Priorities
14:03:50 <gastaldi> #info Website is still #1 priority
14:04:55 <gastaldi> #info I've been working hard in the website last week and yesterday. The current work can be seen at http://websitedev-forge.rhcloud.com/
14:04:55 <jbossbot> Title:3 JBoss Forge
14:05:37 <gastaldi> still has some issues, but I am working on getting them fixed
14:06:12 <mbriskar> page looks nice :)
14:06:38 <gastaldi> mbriskar: thanks :)
14:07:07 <gastaldi> hopefully by summit it should be ready
14:07:55 <gastaldi> #info Website will be released before Summit
14:08:50 <gastaldi> anything else?
14:09:17 <gastaldi> let's carry on
14:09:22 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
14:09:22 <jbott> #topic Status Updates
14:10:51 <ivannov> #info We are planning a code retreat in Bulgarian JUG in July or August to develop Spring Boot addon for Forge
14:11:00 <gastaldi> w000t
14:11:04 <gastaldi> that's cool
14:11:17 <ivannov> so I will need (later) some architectural advices ;)
14:11:31 <gastaldi> Glad to help, anytime :)
14:12:09 <ivannov> #info Next Tuesday I am giving the final lecture in Sofia University of our Java EE course. And it ends with Forge :)
14:12:18 <gastaldi> aw yeah! :)
14:12:43 <gastaldi> and people will go like: "Are you serious? Why haven't you used that from the beginning?" :)
14:13:24 <ivannov> LOL, yes, they always say that :D
14:13:38 <gastaldi> you can use IntelliJ or Netbeans if you want
14:13:39 <ivannov> I will do that for fifth time now :)
14:14:01 <ivannov> yes, I know, I will do again my IDE independent development talk :)
14:14:12 <gastaldi> sweet :)
14:14:22 <gastaldi> btw, are you coming to Red Hat Summit?
14:14:27 <ivannov> ... that I gave for JUG Macedonia and Barcelona JUG
14:14:38 <ivannov> no, I am not going to Red Hat event
14:14:46 <ivannov> wasn't it called differently?
14:14:47 <gastaldi> :(
14:14:55 <gastaldi> Devnation and RedHat Summit
14:15:06 <gastaldi> they are placed at the same time
14:15:08 <ivannov> yes, right. too expensive for me ;)
14:15:23 <ivannov> saving the money for JavaOne :)
14:15:40 <gastaldi> lol, cool. I hope our talk gets approved also
14:15:46 <gastaldi> are you speaking too?
14:17:01 <ivannov> well, I proposed a few talks, waiting for the answer :)
14:17:17 <gastaldi> same
14:18:33 <ivannov> hope we meet again this year :)
14:18:54 <ivannov> #info now that jPrime is over, I will resume work on FORGEPLUGINS-152
14:18:54 <jbossbot> jira [3FORGEPLUGINS-152] Plugin to secure application [10Open (Unresolved) Feature Request,7 Major,6 Ivan St. Ivanov] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGEPLUGINS-152
14:19:10 <ivannov> so, that's all from my side
14:19:37 <gastaldi> ah fantastic. Yeah, I am looking forward to also :)
14:20:34 <gastaldi> Ok, looks like we're done, that was a short meeting
14:20:39 <gastaldi> #nexttopic
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14:21:07 <gastaldi> #endmeeting