13:33:34 <gsmet> #startmeeting
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13:33:42 <gsmet> hi everyone
13:33:45 <gmorling> hey htere
13:33:48 <emmanuel> hello
13:34:01 <DavideD> hi
13:34:09 <yrodiere> hi
13:34:52 <gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
13:35:31 <DavideD> I've finally sent the PR for grouping in Infinispan
13:36:10 <DavideD> In the process I've found some thing related to the dialect that are a bit odd
13:36:39 <DavideD> I think it is ready for a review
13:36:47 <gsmet> I saw it
13:36:55 <DavideD> and can be integrated but a new pair of eyes on the code might be helpful
13:36:57 <gsmet> will take a look before the end of the week
13:37:04 <DavideD> Yeah, no problem
13:37:19 <gsmet> probably better to check the "odd" things with Sanne
13:37:27 <DavideD> I will have a look of those issue outside of the scope of th egrouping to see if I can solve them
13:37:36 <DavideD> I'm here with Sanne to discuss it
13:37:44 <gsmet> ok, cool!
13:37:59 <DavideD> I also made some progress on the PR of the contributor related to Neo4j
13:38:26 <DavideD> I will continue to work on it and see if I can integrate it
13:38:46 <DavideD> The fix looks good but it is missing a test and I'm adding it
13:38:55 <DavideD> That's pretty much it
13:39:33 <gsmet> ok
13:39:37 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
13:39:50 <DavideD> After I checked the issue I mentioned in the PR
13:40:00 <DavideD> and if gsmet does not find anything else wrong
13:40:06 <DavideD> I will start to work on the Grouping for Neo4j
13:40:22 <DavideD> It should be easier as I'm more familiar with it and I can check the content of the DB
13:40:43 <DavideD> I think that's my goal
13:40:49 <gsmet> sounds like a plan :)
13:41:16 <gsmet> btw, I will spend a couple days a week on OGM as soon as HV 6.0.0.Final is out
13:41:29 <gsmet> so we should be able to make some progress together
13:41:35 <DavideD> Great, that should speed up a lot the development
13:41:38 <DavideD> +1
13:42:00 <gsmet> it should be really soon now
13:42:13 <gsmet> #topic Progress Emmanuel
13:42:14 <emmanuel> are you planning a release wi the ISPN grouping beofre the neo4j work?
13:43:06 <emmanuel> I'm not doing much on the raw Hibernate front
13:43:29 <gsmet> OK :)
13:43:30 <emmanuel> More on Infinispan and Teiid and OpenShift these days
13:43:37 <DavideD> emmanuel, we could do that
13:43:49 <DavideD> let's see how the review goes
13:44:05 <emmanuel> I am alos helping Gunnar answer existential questions on the JCP
13:44:20 <emmanuel> That's about it :)
13:44:25 <gsmet> ok, thanks
13:44:33 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
13:44:48 <gsmet> so focused on HV, the TCK and the spec atm
13:44:54 <gsmet> we're nearly there I think
13:45:14 <gsmet> the TCK is in pretty good shape, all the new assertions are covered
13:45:31 <gsmet> we still have a couple of group conversions assertions from 1.1 not covered atm
13:45:47 <gsmet> HV 6 is in pretty good shape
13:46:09 <gsmet> I started the work on the doc but there is still a lot to do
13:46:37 <gmorling> btw. don’t panic about the HV ref guide
13:46:44 <gsmet> I don't :)
13:46:45 <emmanuel> gsmet: do you think these assertions should be in?
13:46:52 <gmorling> in the worst case it can be polished in a 6.0.1 or so
13:46:54 <emmanuel> Are they worth their weight in code time?
13:47:24 <gsmet> when I last checked them, I wasn't very comfortable with the whole group conversion thing
13:47:33 <gsmet> I should check with a fresh look
13:48:15 <emmanuel> OK
13:48:23 <gsmet> they seemed weird and complicated to implement at the time, that's all I can say
13:48:37 <gmorling> it’s groups, what did you expect ;)
13:48:47 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
13:48:52 <gsmet> so as for the next 2 weeks:
13:48:54 <emmanuel> the thing is, if we did not add them in 1.1, it's that we decided to cut them out, so Don't waste 2 weeks of work on them
13:49:30 <gsmet> - keep in sync with Gunnar so that the TCK covers the spec (he still adds assertions, yes he does)
13:49:41 <gsmet> - update the HV doc
13:49:53 <emmanuel> gmorling: suffers from the release syndrom
13:49:57 <gmorling> kinda
13:49:58 <gsmet> - performance tests
13:50:08 <gsmet> - fix a few things here and there in HV
13:50:20 <gsmet> - ISPN grouping review
13:50:24 <gsmet> and that's pretty much it
13:50:38 <gsmet> btw I'll be on vacation for a week starting July 22th
13:51:08 <gsmet> #topic Progress Gunnar
13:51:23 <emmanuel> For the vacations, can you add them tot he shared data group calendar
13:51:27 <gmorling> ok, so i’ve been focusing on finishing up the BV spec
13:51:39 <emmanuel> it's a nice way for every one to know when someone is out without relying on memory
13:51:47 <gmorling> we’ve done the Proposed Final Draft last week (=CR 1)
13:51:47 <gsmet> emmanuel: yes, I usually do that, I just asked for them this morning, waiting for the approval :)
13:51:57 <emmanuel> gsmet: I do the opposite :D
13:52:05 <ci-bot-hibernate> Project hibernate-orm-master-cockroachdb build #21: STILL UNSTABLE in 52 min: http://ci.hibernate.org/job/hibernate-orm-master-cockroachdb/21/
13:52:06 <jbossbot> Title: hibernate-orm-master-cockroachdb #21 [Jenkins]
13:52:10 <gmorling> tomorrow, we’ll release CR 2 of the spec (and i think also tck + ri, @gsmet?)
13:52:35 <gmorling> it contains some very small api changes since CR 1
13:52:55 <gmorling> and that’s what i consider as feature-complete, i.e. after CR 2, it’d only be like typo fixes, really needed clarifciations etc.
13:53:19 <gmorling> otherwise, i proposed a few talks to devoxx BE
13:53:33 <gmorling> amongst them a new one on debezium, so i spend a bit on working out the proposal for that
13:53:53 <gsmet> as for the RI, probably on Thursday, you have some review work to do :)
13:53:54 <gmorling> i think that’s pretty much in terms of what happened
13:54:02 * emmanuel did propose some talks for Devoxx BE too (one on Hibernate 5 and one as a quick on BV 2)
13:54:03 <gmorling> @gsmet ok
13:54:26 <sannegrinovero_> emmanuel: let's hope Hibernate 5 will be out of date by then :)
13:54:41 <gmorling> @gsmet set topic to next two weeks?
13:54:41 <emmanuel> that would be a problem
13:54:44 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Gunnar
13:54:49 <emmanuel> unlikely though :D
13:54:51 <sannegrinovero_> emmanuel: fear not :(
13:54:53 <sannegrinovero_> right
13:55:05 <gmorling> so next week we’ll submit to the final approval ballot
13:55:20 <gmorling> that’s the final thing, i.e. after tomorrow’s CR 2 it’s a few more days for letting it ripen a bit
13:55:26 <gmorling> like wine
13:55:27 <gmorling> or cheese
13:55:59 <gmorling> i don’t have any specific further changes in mind (which makes sense for CR :-) ) apart from proof-reading
13:56:01 <emmanuel> 1 week only?! you beer drinker barbarian
13:56:15 <gmorling> and perhaps add an assertion here and there just to annoy guillaume
13:56:24 <gmorling> hehe, yes, that’s all i got
13:56:39 <gmorling> after that, i’ll turn to debezium
13:56:45 <gmorling> it needs some love definitely
13:57:06 <gmorling> that’s it from me, unless there are any questions
13:57:31 <gsmet> #topic Progress Sanne
13:57:52 <sannegrinovero_> so my last 2 weeks start with jdk.io conference
13:58:02 <sannegrinovero_> followed by time off swimming in Croatia :)
13:58:08 <gmorling> ah
13:58:10 <gmorling> jdk.io
13:58:12 <gmorling> yeah, i was there too :)
13:58:16 <gmorling> feels so long ago :)
13:58:20 <sannegrinovero_> so the conference was very nice, and was good to meet gmorling
13:58:30 <gmorling> +1
13:58:43 <sannegrinovero_> my talk went way too long so I had to cancel the demo
13:58:56 <sannegrinovero_> TBH I was super tired because of all the light I couldn't sleep :)
13:58:58 <emmanuel> (+1 as in it was good to meet me?)
13:59:17 <gmorling> yeah :)
13:59:22 <sannegrinovero_> but I had excellent feedback
13:59:23 <gmorling> i like if people meet me
13:59:40 <sannegrinovero_> I'll try this talk format again, I'm on to something interesting
14:00:04 <sannegrinovero_> besides this, I've been reviewing PRs mostly from Yoann
14:00:14 <sannegrinovero_> and some little things from Infinispan
14:00:35 <sannegrinovero_> in the next 10 days I have no distractions except our team spreadsheets
14:00:40 <sannegrinovero_> so that's looking very good
14:00:48 <sannegrinovero_> Search is in ramp-down mode as well
14:01:04 <sannegrinovero_> no point in listing the reamining tasks as they are all minor and relatively boring :)
14:01:20 <sannegrinovero_> the bigger remaining things are performance/load validation on ES
14:01:30 <sannegrinovero_> and finish the "free form" internal refactoring
14:01:38 <sannegrinovero_> which needs to be re-checked with Infinispan
14:01:53 <sannegrinovero_> other than that, I'll be on holidays from the 17th for 9 days.
14:02:07 <sannegrinovero_> that's all!
14:02:13 <gmorling> and we’ll meet again during that time :)
14:02:15 <gsmet> ok, thanks!
14:02:19 <sannegrinovero_> gmorling: +1
14:02:25 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
14:03:17 <yrodiere> I started with some debugging; a lot of our tests didn't pass when ran against a non-H2 rdbms, because of mapping specifics
14:03:42 <yrodiere> I converted a few to run without ORM, because they were not at all about testing ORM integration
14:04:10 <yrodiere> There are still a few issues, but mostly it's about debugging mappings on databases I can't install locally, so it'll wait
14:04:16 <yrodiere> (Oracle and stuff)
14:04:57 <yrodiere> I also worked a bit on 6, started a POC to experiment about what the target architecture should be.
14:05:50 <yrodiere> And lately I worked on performance, submitting a JMH performance test for our Elasticsearch integration to Sanne.
14:06:24 <sannegrinovero_> yrodiere: in case you *really want* we have ways to get you the other databases; it's just not worth it IMO
14:06:40 <yrodiere> sannegrinovero_: TBH I really don't want to :p
14:06:43 <sannegrinovero_> you can also connect to instance in the QA lab
14:06:53 <sannegrinovero_> ok that's good. We need not to focus on that
14:07:07 <sannegrinovero_> I shared the failures with the ORM team so they could check there was nothing on their side to do
14:07:11 <sannegrinovero_> I think that's all we need.
14:07:29 <yrodiere> Also, I'm working on making the request processing fully reactive and as parallel as possible in the Elasticsearch integration. Once we have reliable performance tests, we'll be able to see whether it brings a performance boost.
14:07:57 <yrodiere> sannegrinovero_: +1
14:08:04 <yrodiere> And that's all for the past two weeks
14:08:14 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
14:09:05 <yrodiere> We've been talking about yet another beta soon. Then we'll test performance, and if it's good enough we'll probably release a CR1
14:09:50 <yrodiere> Then if there's time I'll work on HSearch 6 again, but I expect the performance stuff to take at least two weeks :)
14:09:53 <yrodiere> That's it
14:10:09 <gsmet> thanks!
14:10:31 <gsmet> anyone has anything to add?
14:10:36 <sannegrinovero_> yes
14:10:37 <emmanuel> one thing
14:10:43 <gsmet> that makes 2
14:10:48 <emmanuel> the MongoDB driver 3.6
14:10:50 <gsmet> #topic Other topics
14:11:08 <gsmet> yes, I saw your email
14:11:11 <emmanuel> Maybe DavideD you coudl spend 2 hours looking at their changelog or the blog post and convert it into actions to explore for OGM
14:11:23 <emmanuel> or guillaume
14:11:27 <emmanuel> either way
14:11:33 <DavideD> emmanuel, ok, I'll check that
14:11:48 <gsmet> looks interesting indeed
14:12:09 <sannegrinovero_> #holidays and pairing
14:12:12 <sannegrinovero_> since both gmorling and myself and probably DavideD will vanish in 2 weeks for some time off
14:12:32 <sannegrinovero_> the people staying should make arrangements to not be blocked?
14:13:03 <yrodiere> You mean, like taking some time off too? :)
14:13:10 <sannegrinovero_> that's an option :)
14:13:28 <sannegrinovero_> but I was assuming shifting projects / priorities into some topic which you can work on together
14:13:44 <gsmet> could everyone add his vacation in the calenadar?
14:13:45 <emmanuel> gmorling: an you remind me of the expected date for B 2 final given to the JCP?
14:13:48 <gsmet> that would be a good start
14:13:49 <emmanuel> BV
14:13:50 <sannegrinovero_> gsmet: it's there.
14:14:03 <gsmet> sannegrinovero_: yeah, wasn't talking about you :)
14:14:05 <emmanuel> mine are in too
14:14:24 <gmorling> @emmanuel FAB submission will be july 11th
14:14:25 <yrodiere> I think I should be alright, I've got a lot of work late for the JSR-352 integration, and we'll need quite a few days of preliminary work on HSearch 6
14:14:28 <gmorling> FAB start july 18th
14:14:35 <sannegrinovero_> yrodiere: ok
14:14:47 <gmorling> it runs for two weeks, i.e the ballot is over on july 31st
14:14:53 <sannegrinovero_> doesn't need to be answered right now, just let's keep it in mind.
14:14:58 <gmorling> and then shortly thereafter we’ll release the final final
14:15:03 <gsmet> sannegrinovero_: yes, good point
14:15:32 <emmanuel> ok so july 11th is when you stop obsessionga bout it?
14:15:41 <gmorling> yes :-)
14:15:45 <emmanuel> or is that july 31st?
14:15:52 <emmanuel> ok
14:15:56 <gmorling> no, there’s not much i can do i think during the ballot
14:16:09 <emmanuel> ok so tck and ri will be sent for the FAB
14:16:13 <gmorling> yes
14:16:20 <emmanuel> alleluya
14:16:28 <gmorling> we may receive feedback to act on during the FAB of course
14:16:34 <gmorling> but i doubt it’ll be much, if any
14:16:39 <emmanuel> You're not jigsaw
14:16:54 <emmanuel> the number of comments allocated to the EC is empty now :)
14:17:08 <gmorling> yeah :)
14:17:30 <sannegrinovero_> gmorling: I'm sure others will want PAYBACK time to red hat :P
14:17:37 <sannegrinovero_> just to make you sleep better :D
14:17:40 <gmorling> hehe
14:17:49 <gmorling> the times when i was afraid of that are over
14:17:58 <gmorling> as the Public Review passed :)
14:18:11 <sannegrinovero_> cool :)
14:18:33 <gsmet> meeting over?
14:18:50 <sannegrinovero_> gsmet: +1
14:18:56 <gsmet> ok, thanks everyone
14:19:00 <gsmet> #endmeeting