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14:32:30 <sannegrinovero> hi all
14:32:57 <gsmet> DavideD: you there?
14:33:06 <DavideD> yes, sorry
14:33:13 <gsmet> why sorry? :)
14:33:21 <gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
14:33:25 <DavideD> I was already there
14:33:26 <DavideD> here
14:33:41 <DavideD> I spent most of the time around the Hibernate OGM test suit
14:34:14 <DavideD> When I was trying to test the create-drop in the suit I discovered some inconsistency
14:35:17 <DavideD> My latest PR request should fix them and it implements the dropSchema for MongoDB
14:35:42 <DavideD> It was a bit of a pain to deug
14:36:02 <DavideD> At the same time I started to catch up with some of PR
14:36:07 <gsmet> I have seen it, will review shortly
14:37:05 <DavideD> The PR are about stored procedures and native queries but I'm not convinced about the solution
14:37:22 <DavideD> so I had to investagate a  bit about what's happening underneath
14:38:15 <DavideD> I guess those are the main things I've been involved to
14:38:36 <gsmet> do you have a better idea of what you want to do before wrapping 5.2?
14:39:36 <DavideD> This is the last main issue I think
14:39:59 <gsmet> OK
14:40:13 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
14:41:13 <DavideD> I need to update a bit the Neo4j interface and check the remaining PR
14:41:29 <DavideD> If the PR review is OK I think we can start the release
14:41:36 <gsmet> OK, maybe we should take a look at the dependencies again.
14:41:47 <gsmet> (I mean the drivers)
14:42:08 <gsmet> I updated them a while ago thinking the release would be near but it has been quite some time
14:42:19 <DavideD> sounds good
14:42:31 <gsmet> do you want me to do it? Or will you?
14:42:36 <DavideD> I'll do it
14:42:47 <gsmet> usually, there are some interesting challenges on the Neo4j front
14:42:56 <gsmet> the last upgrades were funky to say the least
14:43:07 <gsmet> OK, cool
14:43:10 <DavideD> It happens from time to time
14:43:18 <DavideD> But I need to work on Neo4j anyway
14:43:26 <DavideD> some It make sense that I have a look
14:44:22 <DavideD> I think that's all from me
14:44:39 <gsmet> OK, thanks
14:44:51 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
14:45:01 <gsmet> so we released a new version of HV (again)
14:45:21 <gsmet> a couple of bugfixes (one of them important) and a few nice enhancements
14:45:34 <gsmet> Marko is submitting a lot of (good) PRs
14:45:53 <gsmet> but they usually require quite a lot of discussions
14:46:05 <gsmet> not because they're bad but because the subjects are touchy
14:46:57 <gsmet> the biggest one currently in progress has already 61 comments :)
14:47:07 <gsmet> so it takes more time than I would like
14:47:20 <gsmet> but I don't see me asking him to stop working on it
14:47:31 <gsmet> as it's really good progress
14:47:54 <gsmet> I made some progress on the Search 6 POC too
14:47:58 <gsmet> (working on the Lucene side)
14:48:31 <gsmet> it's slow unfortunately (mostly because I just have a few hours left here and there)
14:48:37 <gsmet> then there's OGM
14:49:01 <gsmet> an EPAM developer submitted a nice PR to improve the MongoDB native query parser
14:49:25 <gsmet> I hope to be able to merge it soon
14:49:42 <gsmet> it would be a nice improvement for our MongoDB support
14:49:59 <DavideD> That's great news
14:50:08 <gsmet> ah I also spent some time working on a RESTEasy issue with HV
14:50:36 <gsmet> in conjunction with CDI/EJB
14:50:38 <gsmet> fun stuff
14:50:55 <gsmet> (hope you see the irony ;))
14:51:14 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
14:51:17 <gsmet> so...
14:51:34 <gsmet> probably continue to merge the flow of PRs of Marko...
14:51:51 <gsmet> :)
14:52:07 <gsmet> then I would like to finish this GeoJSON support for MongoDB
14:52:23 <gsmet> it needs some documentation
14:52:35 <gsmet> and it would probably be nice to add polygons and lines support
14:52:44 <DavideD> Cool, in the end it is a nice feature to have
14:52:51 <gsmet> I think so
14:53:12 <gsmet> still not sure about the implementation but I would say let's make it experimental for now
14:53:24 <DavideD> Yes, let's start with it
14:53:31 <gsmet> and then we could revisit it once we have also thought about its support in Search
14:53:47 <gsmet> and I would really like to spend more time on the Search POC
14:54:13 <gsmet> if possible 2 consecutive days to make good progress
14:54:20 <gsmet> that's pretty much it for me
14:54:41 <DavideD> Thanks
14:54:42 <gsmet> gmorling: you there? want to share something?
14:55:22 <gsmet> if so, you'll be last :)
14:55:27 <gsmet> #topic Progress Sanne
14:55:32 <sannegrinovero> ok
14:55:42 <sannegrinovero> so I've been away for two weeks, travelling at events.
14:55:53 <sannegrinovero> Devoxx first, then the SAP TechEd in Barcelona.
14:56:11 <sannegrinovero> very busy meeting loads of people.. very nice to see (still!) so much lively interest in Hibernate projects.
14:56:34 <sannegrinovero> I admit I'm a bit exhausted now and still have to cleanup many notes of chats with users
14:56:51 <sannegrinovero> but since our f2f is happening soon I'll share most of the feedback there I guess.
14:57:01 <sannegrinovero> So for the near future:
14:57:15 <sannegrinovero> #topic Next 2 weeks Sanne
14:57:21 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Sanne
14:57:31 <sannegrinovero> with Yoann not being able to sleep and me away Search has been neglected a bit
14:57:40 <sannegrinovero> but we had great credit built up in advance
14:57:53 <sannegrinovero> the JSR-352 integration is merged
14:57:59 <sannegrinovero> so a release is overdue..
14:58:15 <sannegrinovero> in the meantime I've been making some progress with the modularity fixes we promised on the roadmap
14:58:36 <sannegrinovero> So I need to finish on that work, and I've started to look more into Swarm
14:58:54 <sannegrinovero> in theory we should release one ASAP and then add the Swarm work
14:59:24 <sannegrinovero> but I'd be more comfortable with having Yoann to write about the JSR-352 work so I guess we'll wait for him to show up.
14:59:45 <gsmet> yeah I don't think we're in a hurry to release the JSR-352 integration
14:59:59 <sannegrinovero> in parallel I'm overdue on looking about the work Galder did on the Infinispan side to improve the OGM serialization
15:00:26 <sannegrinovero> yea no hurry but Search has not released in a while. Would just be good to push some update out for people to keep engaged.
15:00:35 <sannegrinovero> gsmet, it's a perfect time to get me involved in the Search 6 POC
15:01:01 <gsmet> OK
15:01:08 <sannegrinovero> although I should prioritize the OGM/Infinispan and the Search/modules work, but it would be good for me to start soaking in updates before our f2f
15:01:16 <sannegrinovero> that's all :)
15:01:17 <gsmet> yes
15:01:29 <sannegrinovero> oh I have some pending branches to polish for ORM too
15:01:33 <gsmet> Yoann's work is in his tree
15:01:35 <sannegrinovero> but nothing of big interest..
15:01:44 <gsmet> mine is still a WIP on my laptop
15:02:17 <sannegrinovero> yea I guess I won't be able to produce much but would be nice to not be in a WTF mind state at our meeting :)
15:02:27 <gsmet> yeah
15:02:32 <gsmet> you'd better take a look before
15:02:40 <gsmet> because I have this exact same reaction first :)
15:02:43 <sannegrinovero> ahah
15:02:47 <gsmet> s/have/had/
15:03:08 <sannegrinovero> ha let me add one more feedback as it's relevant
15:03:14 <gsmet> but we really need some of the Lucene work so we can see how it works with 2 implementations
15:03:39 <sannegrinovero> I was quite surprised but the SAP people working on ORM support for HANA also have already working prototypes for Hibernate Search to work on HANA..
15:04:00 <sannegrinovero> so they're very interested in our ideas about abstracting from the Lucene engine
15:04:14 <gsmet> you mean storing the indexes in HANA?
15:04:21 <sannegrinovero> so I have a long document of things we might want to keep in mind for our next gen design
15:04:29 <gsmet> not Search on top of ORM on top of HANA?
15:04:46 <sannegrinovero> it's more like HANA is a very flexible database, so it's able to do both relational and advanced full-text
15:05:00 <sannegrinovero> I know other DBs have it too, but this one is quite powerful.
15:05:11 <gsmet> hmmm
15:05:29 <sannegrinovero> yea, speaking of first reactions :P
15:05:33 <gsmet> so it would use the Search API but using FTS indexes in the database?
15:05:42 <sannegrinovero> yes pretty much what they're working on
15:05:58 <gsmet> hmmm
15:06:07 <gsmet> we are still very dependant on Lucene concepts
15:06:17 <gsmet> even if we now have a clean abstraction
15:06:20 <sannegrinovero> sure, I warned about the strong conceptual differences
15:06:37 <sannegrinovero> and that ES~Lucene~Solr are much closer to each other than to other engines..
15:06:57 <gsmet> yup
15:07:06 <gsmet> let's have this discussion at the F2F with Yoann here
15:07:10 <sannegrinovero> but we had this very in-depth brainstorming and I was persuaded they have some interesting things.. we should have a look.
15:07:14 <sannegrinovero> sure
15:07:17 <gsmet> I think we should spend at least 1 full day on Search 6
15:07:20 <sannegrinovero> just wanted to anticipate the subject
15:07:30 <sannegrinovero> +1
15:07:35 <sannegrinovero> let's try to not keep Search for last
15:07:49 <sannegrinovero> so that we'll have time to go back on the nasty points, and sleep over things
15:08:07 <gsmet> yes, it might be good to make a big session then have some time to think about it and have another discussion
15:08:19 <gsmet> I'm obviously to slow :)
15:08:24 <gsmet> too
15:08:37 <sannegrinovero> yea me too. Fist impact reactions are never the best.
15:08:37 <gsmet> my fingers are all weirds these days :)
15:08:43 <sannegrinovero> ok that's it. Looking forward to the meeting!
15:08:57 <gsmet> yes, very nice to be able to see everyone
15:09:04 <gsmet> let's close this one
15:09:08 <gsmet> thanks everyone
15:09:13 <gsmet> #endmeeting