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13:00:23 <gsmet> as Davide is not here today, we'll start with Fabio
13:00:30 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
13:00:37 <fax4ever> Hi
13:00:53 <fax4ever> Most of all I worked on Transaction for HotRod client.
13:01:11 <fax4ever> Finally I fineshed to integrate the feature
13:01:26 <fax4ever> In order to complete the task I had to fix other stuff on dialect.
13:01:39 <fax4ever> Such us better handling the flush of operations, for instance in case of a large delete cascade.
13:02:06 <fax4ever> Infinispan remote supports batching
13:02:32 <fax4ever> Thus, the managing of flush is not so simple
13:02:59 <fax4ever> I sent the PR
13:03:12 <fax4ever> Now it is under reviewing
13:03:46 <fax4ever> Moreover, we removed also the old thread local context for serializzation
13:03:58 <fax4ever> it was mandatory for transaction support
13:04:30 <fax4ever> Futhermore, I worked to reenable tests for Karaf
13:04:43 <fax4ever> of Hibernate ORM feature
13:05:05 <fax4ever> I sent a PR to Infinispan too
13:05:39 <fax4ever> in order to provide on Infinispan side the inifinispan hibernate feature
13:06:01 <fax4ever> I've just send a PR to update manual
13:06:27 <fax4ever> adding a chapter for Infinispan stored procedure
13:06:49 <fax4ever> I resumed the Openshift demo task
13:07:13 <fax4ever> Yesterday I had upgraded all versions of WildFly Infinispan Hibernate...
13:07:23 <fax4ever> that's all for the progress
13:07:26 <fax4ever> thank you
13:08:17 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
13:08:26 <fax4ever> I'm still working on the manual
13:08:44 <fax4ever> in order to arrange better the chapters for Infinispan dialect
13:08:50 <fax4ever> embedded and remote
13:09:21 <fax4ever> After that I will be add some feature to the OpenShift demo
13:09:33 <fax4ever> such as Thorntail deployment
13:09:37 <fax4ever> transactions
13:09:44 <fax4ever> or remote task
13:09:48 <fax4ever> queries
13:10:05 <fax4ever> we are able now to add a lot of intresting stuff
13:10:33 <fax4ever> I would like also to complete the OSGi contribution for Infinispan
13:10:57 <fax4ever> remove the actual wrap protocol from Infinispan Hibernate cache modules
13:11:10 <fax4ever> providing a real OSGi bundle for them
13:11:35 <fax4ever> That's all for the next two weeks
13:11:38 <fax4ever> Thank you
13:11:41 <gsmet> ok, thanks!
13:11:51 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
13:12:01 <gsmet> I mostly worked on ORM
13:12:14 <gsmet> triaging, fixing small issues
13:12:17 <gsmet> and 2 big issues:
13:12:33 <gsmet> - cleaning up our ByteBuddy implementation + making it work with the SM
13:12:54 <gsmet> - solving issues with the bytecode transformer
13:13:14 <gsmet> as for BB, I pushed a PR, I hope someone will review it someday :)
13:13:25 <gsmet> it's a rather massive change but I think it's for the best
13:13:46 <yrodiere> gsmet: btw, this SM thing, where do you test it? Do you have tests in ORM proper?
13:13:53 <gsmet> nope
13:13:59 <gsmet> I didn't test it at all
13:14:18 <gsmet> Chris has a setup to test it with WF
13:14:22 <yrodiere> ah, great :p I was feeling bad not to have such tests in Seach, but I guess it's okay then :)
13:14:27 <gsmet> I asked him to test it but no news so far
13:14:41 <gsmet> we have tests using the SM with HV
13:15:17 <gsmet> anyway, I tested the new code and it works as expected
13:15:25 <yrodiere> nice :)
13:15:27 <gsmet> just by reverting the conditions testing the presence of the SM
13:15:43 <gsmet> but I have no idea if it really fully solves the issue
13:15:54 <gsmet> that being said, it's also IMHO a nice cleanup
13:16:26 <gsmet> as for the bytecode transformer, I still have one thing to improve
13:16:31 <gsmet> and I'll push everything
13:16:45 <gsmet> I lost some time on issues I couldn't really solve
13:16:53 <gsmet> it's a bit of a pity but that's how it is...
13:17:08 <gsmet> oh, and I had just the time to do some minor Search 6 work
13:17:18 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
13:17:25 <yrodiere> haha, just in time for the IRC meeting :p
13:17:30 <gsmet> \o/
13:17:56 <gsmet> I hope ORM will ramp down a bit
13:18:10 <gsmet> I'm still a bit worried as we don't make a lot of progress
13:18:14 <yrodiere> So say we all
13:18:20 <gsmet> we fixed very few issues for 5.3.4 :/
13:19:11 <gsmet> and I hope to spend a few days on Search 6 to be more effective at the F2F
13:19:16 <gsmet> as it's been a while now
13:19:23 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
13:19:46 <yrodiere> So, I first worked on setting up a Jenkins pipeline in Search 6
13:19:52 <yrodiere> it wasn't merged yet
13:20:14 <yrodiere> The interesting thing about it is we can easily launch multiple processes in parallel, and we can even run part of the build efficiently in parallel processes by building the project once, then sharing the resulting artifacts
13:20:49 <yrodiere> This allows in particular to test the project in multiple environments (ES5, ES6, multiples DBs, etc.) while still keeping the execution time reasonable
13:21:06 <yrodiere> It was quite long to get it working, but I think the end result is rather clear and works rather well.
13:21:14 <yrodiere> And while doing so I also fixed a few problems in the build, so even if we end up not using it, it wasn't a complete waste of time
13:21:41 <yrodiere> Anyway, I hope we can merge it soon? gsmet, maybe you can have a look next week?
13:22:35 <yrodiere> Ok well. Apart from that, I worked on ORM to analyze/fix a few bugs
13:22:44 <gsmet> sure, tbh, last time I checked it looked good
13:22:54 <gsmet> I was thinking you still had some things planned for it
13:23:27 <yrodiere> IIRC I fixed a few things following your comments, but yeah as far as I'm concerned it's done
13:23:43 <yrodiere> there's still some work to be done, but that will be in follow-up tickets
13:24:13 <gsmet> OK, I'll take a look then
13:24:17 <yrodiere> thanks
13:24:20 <yrodiere> so I also released Search 5.10.3. There's not much to mention except the upgrade to ORM 5.3.3.
13:24:28 <yrodiere> Following this I sent a trivial PR to upgrade ORM and Search to the latest version in WildFly; it was merged successfully, so theoretically WildFly only needs a bit of changes in jipijapa to be ready for the CR (I think?)
13:24:53 <gsmet> why would it need changes?
13:25:07 <gsmet> it requires changes even for minor releases?
13:25:28 <yrodiere> I don't know, you were talking with Scott about taking advantage of methods in some bytecode transformer
13:25:44 <yrodiere> of *added* methods
13:26:00 <gsmet> oh, sure, that's not related to jipijapa
13:26:14 <yrodiere> I thought jipijapa was the name of the ORM integration in WildFly
13:26:35 <yrodiere> anyway
13:26:38 <gsmet> I think it's only the element selecting the right versions of the stack
13:26:46 <yrodiere> ok
13:26:48 <yrodiere> I also had a few problems with the HipChat github integration, so set up a Zulip instance and tried to set up integrations there; it works and is available for testing at https://hibernate.zulipchat.com/
13:26:49 <gsmet> the bytecode transformer is a totally different thing
13:27:01 <yrodiere> If you haven't given your preference on the chat software we'll use after HipChat is decomissioned, you definitely should :) See the "Stride" thread on the hibernate-dev mailing list
13:27:16 <yrodiere> I also updated the Search 6 merging scripts, mainly to check they still work with the current git heads
13:27:30 <yrodiere> (it... almost does, still working on it)
13:27:54 <yrodiere> Finally, I worked on some bridge-related features that I feel should be ready for the F2F. So we already merged support for enum bridges (which is a bit different since it requires knowledge of the type being bridged), and right now I'm working on making Search 6 apply bridges when building search predicates using the DSL.
13:28:08 <yrodiere> that's all for the past 2 weeks
13:28:16 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
13:28:34 <yrodiere> Well, I'll be on PTO starting this Saturday
13:28:44 <yrodiere> for two weeks
13:28:54 <yrodiere> and after that there's one week of Search F2F
13:29:20 <yrodiere> so I don't hope to make much concrete progress in August
13:29:37 <yrodiere> but I'll try my best to polish the bridge system in Search 6 before the F2F
13:29:40 <yrodiere> that's all
13:29:45 <gsmet> OK, thanks!
13:30:01 <gsmet> emma
13:30:09 <gsmet> emmanuel: something you want to say?
13:30:19 <gsmet> apart from you breaking the website :]
13:31:07 <gsmet> OK, let's take that as a no :)
13:31:11 <gsmet> let's end the meeting then
13:31:12 <fax4ever> I've just a question guys
13:31:16 <gsmet> ah?
13:31:19 <fax4ever> If I may
13:31:25 <gsmet> #topic Questions
13:31:40 <fax4ever> Do you need another issue for ORM?
13:32:07 <gsmet> good question
13:32:19 <fax4ever> I have the time for sure
13:32:20 <gsmet> I don't know
13:32:32 <gsmet> I'll do some triaging today and tomorrow
13:32:41 <gsmet> I'll tell you if I find something interesting for you
13:32:41 <fax4ever> ok
13:32:49 <fax4ever> that's nice :)
13:32:58 <gsmet> there are issues but a lot requires Gail's expertise
13:33:06 <gsmet> so it's not that easy to find issues for us
13:33:19 <gsmet> I'll tell you
13:33:24 <fax4ever> I would like to work on everything.. at almost :P
13:33:28 <fax4ever> thank you
13:33:45 <gsmet> yeah, the fact is that you often end up just wasting time
13:33:59 <gsmet> I wasted half a day yesterday for instance
13:34:10 <gsmet> so we should pick the issues with care
13:34:11 <fax4ever> It happens
13:34:17 <fax4ever> Of course
13:34:46 <gsmet> and Yoann's work on ORM last week was not very productive either as we can't really commit the fixes to 5.3
13:34:46 <fax4ever> but in general I like to change issue types
13:35:00 <gsmet> we have a better grasp at the issues but didn't make progress on 5.3 unfortunately
13:35:09 <gsmet> that's all on me for poorly choosing the issues
13:35:19 <gsmet> so I need to do some more work on this
13:35:36 <gsmet> I'll ping you
13:35:42 <fax4ever> thank you!
13:35:45 <gsmet> anything else?
13:35:52 <fax4ever> not from me
13:36:01 <gsmet> OK, let's close the meeting then
13:36:04 <gsmet> #endmeeting