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13:00:18 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
13:00:26 <fax4ever> Thank you
13:00:33 <fax4ever> Firstly, I finished the manual update tasks:
13:00:40 <gsmet> (raah tired, sorry Davide, will put you after Fabio)
13:00:59 <DavideD> (No problem, but I was surprised :)
13:01:04 <fax4ever> So I'll continue ;)
13:01:08 <DavideD> yeah
13:01:13 <fax4ever> document remote procedures and rearrange Infinispan chapter.
13:01:23 <fax4ever> Secondly, I updated our OpenShift demo.
13:01:32 <fax4ever> BTW thank you Guillaume for reviewing it.
13:01:40 <gsmet> you're welcome
13:01:48 <fax4ever> I added the ORM micro service version,
13:01:56 <fax4ever> implemented with Thorntail v4, in a different folder.
13:02:03 <fax4ever> In order to keep the WildFly version and then we can present both solutions to the audience.
13:02:13 <fax4ever> The result was IMO very nice,
13:02:20 <fax4ever> so I think that Thorntail v4 could have a great future.
13:02:31 <fax4ever> Thirdly, I completed the OSGi bundling contribution for Hibernate caches modules of Infinispan.
13:02:40 <fax4ever> The feature is releasing on 24th August.
13:02:50 <fax4ever> After that I think that we will be able to remove the hibernate-inifinispan feature provided by Hibernate side,
13:02:58 <fax4ever> applying the PR that I also sent on Hibernate ORM.
13:03:07 <fax4ever> Fourthly, I worked for support Java 8 LocalDate,
13:03:15 <fax4ever> LocalDateTime and LocalDate as a field types.
13:03:23 <fax4ever> Now we support them for all core dialects:
13:03:30 <fax4ever> MongoDB, Infinispan embedded, remote and Neo4j.
13:03:41 <fax4ever> Fifthly, I worked on HQL Parser project, providing a very tiny update.
13:03:50 <fax4ever> The goal here has been the one to make SingleEntityQueryRendererDelegate class more friendly
13:04:00 <fax4ever> to all dialects that have to keep or transform placeholders in the generated output query.
13:04:07 <fax4ever> For instance: Infinispan remote and Neo4j query rendering.
13:04:16 <fax4ever> After this little integration I think that
13:04:22 <fax4ever> we will be able to remove a lot boilerplate code from OGM side,
13:04:28 <fax4ever> that is currently needed to support query rendering for such dialects.
13:04:36 <fax4ever> Sixthly, I worked to provide a default value for HotRod configuration file name.
13:04:47 <fax4ever> Seventhly, I think that I found one or two issues on Infinispan queries,
13:04:55 <fax4ever> see https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan/pull/6191.
13:05:02 <fax4ever> Finally, I've just started to work to remove the need to specify the peristence provider,
13:05:10 <fax4ever> in order to enable Hibernate OGM engine.
13:05:18 <fax4ever> Yesterday we have a great Blue Jeans meeting with Davide and Sanne about it.
13:05:27 <fax4ever> For the its outcome, you can see the last comment in here: OGM-1517.
13:05:34 <fax4ever> It's all thank you
13:05:39 <gsmet> ok, thanks
13:05:45 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
13:05:52 <fax4ever> I'm spending most of the time of the last two weeks on PTO.
13:06:00 <fax4ever> Since tomorrow I'm being on PTO: first national public holidays, then annual leaves.
13:06:08 <fax4ever> I'm being back on Monday 26 August.
13:06:18 <gsmet> sounds like a good plan :)
13:06:18 <fax4ever> All in all, I would like to thank all of you. I'm very well with this team.
13:06:24 <fax4ever> :)
13:06:53 <gsmet> have a nice holiday then :)
13:06:59 <gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
13:07:00 <DavideD> Thank you, have a nice holiday
13:07:03 <fax4ever> thank you!
13:07:14 <DavideD> I worked mostly around reviewing and merging PR, Fabio and Sergey have been very active in this last sprint.
13:07:23 <DavideD> Mainly, the Infinispan Remote dialect works with remote transaction now (Fabio already mentioned it) and in MongoDB we
13:07:31 <DavideD> improved the support for ReadConcern and WriteConcern. Plus, there is some work going on with the support for GridFS.
13:07:40 <DavideD> I also have a local branch with the module containinig the utilities for testing with OGM but I'm not too happy of the result right now.
13:07:46 <DavideD> I will try to clean it up more before sending a PR.
13:08:13 <DavideD> I think that's pretty much all
13:08:21 <gsmet> thanks
13:08:26 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
13:09:07 <DavideD> There is a problem on CI in regards to job not starting when something is pushed to solve.I will also start to wrap up and
13:09:17 <DavideD> prepare te next release. I'm also planning to take some PTO towards the end of next week after the Hibernate Search meeting
13:09:28 <DavideD> so I expect this next sprint to pass by quickly.
13:09:59 <DavideD> That's all from me
13:10:03 <gsmet> thanks!
13:10:10 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
13:10:21 <gsmet> so I have been a busy bee these past 2 weeks
13:10:38 <gsmet> we had some interesting feedback from the Open Liberty team and Pivotal on HV
13:10:49 <gsmet> this leads to some work to fix some issues
13:11:01 <gsmet> a good thing they are fixed before the WF 14 release
13:11:20 <gsmet> I released HV 6.0.12.Final and the BV TCK 2.0.4.Final
13:11:45 <gsmet> I started working on providing a DSL for projections on Search 6
13:11:58 <gsmet> it's not finished yet but there are a few things in motion
13:12:14 <gsmet> I spent most of the remaining time on ORM
13:12:30 <gsmet> reviewing PRs, coordinating with Gail, fixing things
13:12:56 <gsmet> I'm currently in the process of releasing 5.3.5.Final for inclusion in WF 14
13:13:22 <gsmet> I also pushed a few things to WF related to the work above
13:13:29 <gsmet> that's it, I think :)
13:13:36 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
13:13:56 <gsmet> so tomorrow is a holiday, then I'm on PTO Friday and then we have the Search F2F meeting
13:14:18 <gsmet> so all in all, I don't expect producing code in the next 2 weeks
13:14:30 <gsmet> I hope I'll be able to make more progress on the projection DSL
13:14:35 <gsmet> that's all for me
13:14:43 <gsmet> #topic Progress Sanne
13:15:11 <sannegrinovero> hi all
13:15:28 <sannegrinovero> mostly busy on future-looking R&D
13:15:45 <sannegrinovero> at this very moment I have ~200 classes which don't compile  so the future looks far away :)
13:16:21 <sannegrinovero> mostly now trying to figure how to evolve ORM's ServiceRegistry in an AOT world.
13:16:38 <sannegrinovero> .. and that will keep me busy until end of month I think.
13:16:55 <sannegrinovero> On other fronts, I've mainly been watching the big streams of changes you all produce.
13:17:15 <sannegrinovero> next week I'll be on that Search team meeting as well
13:17:29 <sannegrinovero> and then PTO for a week myself
13:17:56 <sannegrinovero> just scheduled a presentation of OGM the 27th of September, looking forward to show all the progress you've all made.
13:18:06 <sannegrinovero> that's it for me
13:18:15 <gsmet> thanks Sanne
13:18:23 <gsmet> anything else?
13:18:46 <sannegrinovero> no that's it. Lots of discussions about WildFly but not interesting here :)
13:18:58 <gsmet> ok, let's close the meeting then :)
13:19:11 <gsmet> thanks everyone
13:19:13 <gsmet> #endmeeting