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13:00:09 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
13:00:23 <fax4ever> Last week I spent most of the time on OpenShift demo, the week before I was on PTO.
13:00:40 <fax4ever> Firstly, I added a use case with an Infinispan server side task. The task is invoked as a JPA stored procedure to update the board when a new message is added on it.
13:00:54 <fax4ever> Moreover, I created a server side event listerner to update the board page on the browser side, with push events sended through a web socket.
13:01:10 <fax4ever> I think it could be very nice for a presentation. Because if you have two or more browsers opened at the same time on the same board, you can see here that when a message arrives, all the boards will be simultaneusly updated.
13:01:31 <fax4ever> Furthermore, I did some refactoring on it, such as removing hotrod properties, in order to use the default.
13:01:50 <fax4ever> All in all, I'm very happy about the new improvements we added to the demo. I think that it remains out just the Analytics task, the one to perform full text search queries on messages.
13:02:10 <fax4ever> I think that is doable just proving a custom ProtocolBuffer schema and doing a native Ickle query on text tokens of the messages.
13:02:25 <fax4ever> In the same week, I did also an issue on Hibernate OGM, the one to change the mapping of a byte field into a int32.
13:02:44 <fax4ever> Even with change of the mapping, it remains a problem on Infinispan side when querying a field starts with 'v', you can have more information here infinispan/infinispan#6191 if you are intrested.
13:03:01 <fax4ever> This's all about the progress, thank you.
13:03:06 <gsmet> thanks Fabio
13:03:13 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
13:03:35 <fax4ever> This morning I started to work on the Analytics task, I think that I will finish it in a couple of day.
13:03:50 <fax4ever> On September 27th I'm going to follow the OGM UK presentation on BlueJeans.
13:04:06 <fax4ever> After that I will take back the usual work on Hibernate OGM issues
13:04:15 <gsmet> who is doing the presentation?
13:04:21 <DavideD> Sanne and me
13:04:23 <fax4ever> davide and sanne
13:04:25 <gsmet> ok
13:04:36 <gsmet> (Hi Davide!)
13:04:37 <fax4ever> , to which I would like to add a more effort on Hibernate ORM site too.
13:04:39 <DavideD> hi
13:04:44 <fax4ever> hi davide :)
13:04:58 <fax4ever> I think this is all, thank you for the attention team.
13:05:07 <gsmet> thanks Fabio
13:05:16 <gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
13:05:38 <DavideD> I worked on the demo
13:06:06 <DavideD> Cleaned up a bit the CSS and I'm still deciding what to show
13:06:37 <DavideD> That's pretty much it
13:06:42 <gsmet> OK, thanks
13:06:47 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
13:07:15 <DavideD> I'm going to be on PTO so I don't think I will work on anything in particular
13:07:26 <gsmet> that's how it should be :)
13:07:29 <gsmet> 2 weeks?
13:07:48 <DavideD> 1 week on PTO the Presentation is on THursday
13:07:53 <gsmet> OK
13:08:04 <DavideD> SO the 3-4 days left I will work on OGM
13:08:26 <gsmet> OK, have a nice vacation then :)
13:08:29 <gsmet> anything else?
13:08:30 <DavideD> Cleaning up the open PR and release it
13:08:37 <DavideD> No that's it, thanks
13:08:41 <gsmet> thanks!
13:08:46 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
13:08:58 <gsmet> so I was on PTO last week
13:09:12 <gsmet> before that I worked on the projection stuff for Search 6
13:09:19 <gsmet> and also some ORM work but nothing big
13:09:49 <gsmet> yesterday I mostly worked on triaging the issues opened during last week, reviewing Yoann's PR and reading emails
13:10:04 <gsmet> that's pretty much it for these 2 weeks
13:10:10 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
13:10:20 <gsmet> I plan on working more on the projection stuff
13:10:39 <gsmet> I'm simplifying the PR I was working on to get a first step reviewed
13:10:58 <gsmet> I also plan to coordinate the work on the upcoming ORM 5.4 release
13:11:08 <gsmet> there are quite a couple of fixes I would like to go in
13:11:24 <gsmet> and not enough manpower tbh so they will have to wait
13:12:00 <gsmet> but hopefully, we will get the most important things in (mostly JDK 11 compatibility and entity graph stuff Steve is working on)
13:12:08 <gsmet> that's it for me
13:12:14 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
13:12:55 <yrodiere> I mainly worked on closing old tickets
13:13:14 <yrodiere> I.e. tickets that have been here for a few years, and that Search 6 happens to fix
13:13:25 <yrodiere> so I added a few tests to demonstrate they were solved
13:13:58 <yrodiere> I also tried to finalize the jenkinsfile, which now covers about everything we used to do in "freestyle" jobs
13:14:19 <yrodiere> And I worked a bit on JDK10/JDK11 support
13:14:39 <yrodiere> (the problem being mainly our build process, not our code)
13:15:09 <yrodiere> JDK10 works fine, JDK11 will require a bit more work, mostly because of JAXB and OSGi tests (in Search 5)
13:15:30 <yrodiere> oh, and I removed support for Elasticsearch <5.6 in Search 6
13:15:39 <yrodiere> as decided during the face-to-face
13:15:51 <yrodiere> I think that's all
13:15:58 <yrodiere> https://hibernate.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=3&projectKey=HSEARCH&view=reporting&chart=sprintRetrospective&sprint=7
13:16:05 <yrodiere> (here's the detail)
13:16:07 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
13:16:48 <yrodiere> Next week, I expect I'll have to review Guillaume's work on the projection DSL
13:16:59 <yrodiere> well, during the next two weeks I mean
13:17:28 <yrodiere> I intend to backport the Jenkinsfile to older branches of Search, so as to keep a consistent process, in particular for releases
13:18:02 <yrodiere> I will also work on the JDK11 support, see if I can report something to Karaf/PaxExam so that the OSGi tests finally work
13:18:48 <yrodiere> The only other major topics will be splitting the @Field annotation in multiple annotations (@GenericField, @FullTextField, ...) as we discussed during the face-to-face, and restoring analyzer support
13:19:12 <yrodiere> If that's not enough I also have several clean-up tickets planned: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=3&projectKey=HSEARCH
13:19:23 <yrodiere> But I don't expect to have time to address those :)
13:19:28 <yrodiere> that's all from me
13:19:36 <gsmet> ok, thanks
13:19:56 <gsmet> anyone has anything to add?
13:20:05 <fax4ever> no thanks
13:20:42 <DavideD> no thanks
13:20:47 <gsmet> OK, let's close the meeting then
13:20:50 <gsmet> thanks everyone
13:20:53 <gsmet> #endmeeting