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13:00:24 <gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
13:00:52 <DavideD> I worked mainly on reviewing several Hibernate OGM prs and also cleaned the documentation related to the Infinipan Remote dialect.
13:00:56 <DavideD> I was also able to work on an issue on Hibernate Search about testing the code samples in the documentation.
13:01:18 <DavideD> yrodiere, I only saw the comment now, probably github didn't send the notification
13:01:27 <DavideD> I will update the pr after the meeting
13:01:31 <yrodiere> DavideD: Right :) Thanks
13:02:03 <DavideD> I guess that's all from me
13:02:11 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
13:02:53 <DavideD> I'm finishing merging a couple of PRs in OGM
13:03:07 <DavideD> and I think we can release it tomorrow or Thursday
13:03:14 <fax4ever> +1
13:03:38 <DavideD> after that I'm planning to pick one of the issue yrodiere showed us on Hibernate Search and continue to work on that
13:03:58 <DavideD> That's all from me
13:04:02 <gsmet> ok, thanks!
13:04:07 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
13:04:18 <yrodiere> btw https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-3265 would be a very nice intro to the inner workings of Search 6
13:04:19 <jbossbot> jira [HSEARCH-3265] Search 6 groundwork - Add support for enough types to release an Alpha [Open (Unresolved) Task, Major, backend-elasticsearch/backend-lucene/mapper-pojo, Unassigned] https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-3265
13:04:27 <fax4ever> I worked to fix the criteria issue on automatic binding liternal in Hibernate ORM.
13:04:45 <fax4ever> With Guillaume we figured out a good solution and I sent a PR with that.
13:04:53 <fax4ever> From which Steve provided a more general solution.
13:05:01 <fax4ever> Always on Hibernate ORM, I catched up a false issue.
13:05:14 <fax4ever> Moreover, I tried to upgrade the Hibernate OGM WildFly tests to 14.0.1.
13:05:25 <fax4ever> The solution I provided uses directly the WildFly 14.0.1 modules,
13:05:33 <fax4ever> instead of using the Hibernate ORM 5.3.6 feature packs.
13:05:42 <fax4ever> Because the latters are not compatible with WildFly 14.x.
13:05:52 <fax4ever> Anyway, We decided with Davide to avoid this solution and instead of
13:06:01 <fax4ever> waiting for Hibernate ORM feature packs compatible with WildFly 14.x.
13:06:08 <fax4ever> I solved the relative issue on Hibernate ORM.
13:06:14 <fax4ever> For all the details see the OGM-1523.
13:06:16 <jbossbot> jira [OGM-1523] Upgrade integration tests to WildFly 14.0.0.Final [Open (Unresolved) Task, Major, build/core, Fabio Massimo Ercoli] https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/OGM-1523
13:06:25 <fax4ever> Furthermore, I upgraded Infinispan versions to 9.4.0.Final,
13:06:33 <fax4ever> with which the query on -v-like fields is not anymore an issue. :)
13:06:41 <fax4ever> Finally, I worked on this issue: OGM-1237.
13:06:42 <jbossbot> jira [OGM-1237] @ElementCollection does not store duplicates [Open (Unresolved) Bug, Major, core, Fabio Massimo Ercoli] https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/OGM-1237
13:06:50 <fax4ever> At the beginning I was trying to support keeping duplicates on association items for any list.
13:07:04 <fax4ever> Then I realized that the natural way to do that would have been to use an @OrderColumn annotation instead.
13:07:12 <fax4ever> In fact, with this annotation an extra field will be mapped to the row key of the association items,
13:07:20 <fax4ever> allowing thus duplicates and preserving order.
13:07:28 <fax4ever> Thus, we decided with Davide to avoid any change to the main code
13:07:37 <fax4ever> and to close the issue just providing a test and updating the documentations.
13:07:44 <fax4ever> That's all about my progress. Thank you
13:08:13 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
13:08:37 <fax4ever> First of all, I would like to solve at least an issue for Hibernate Search.
13:08:46 <fax4ever> I like the idea to keep the main effort on Hibernate OGM,
13:08:56 <fax4ever> but at the same time I would like to provide help over all Hibernate projects.
13:09:09 <fax4ever> Second of all, like Davide said, we want to release the Final or CR2...
13:09:23 <fax4ever> All in all, I would like to spend more time to support community efforts,
13:09:30 <fax4ever> reviewing contributions and providing them indications and general help.
13:09:44 <fax4ever> That's all thanks!
13:10:05 <gsmet> thanks Fabio
13:10:10 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
13:10:18 <gsmet> it's going to be simple this week
13:10:33 <gsmet> I mostly worked on finishing the first projection patch for Search
13:10:38 <gsmet> which got merged...
13:11:11 <gsmet> on the side, I worked on fixing issues in ORM and trying to schedule the 5.4.0 release
13:11:37 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
13:11:50 <gsmet> there are a couple of follow-ups on the projection side
13:11:57 <gsmet> I'll try to address them in the next 2 weeks
13:12:15 <gsmet> I also plan to spend some time on ORM to finalize 5.4.0
13:12:31 <gsmet> not sure 2 weeks will do but maybe one month will be fine
13:12:34 <gsmet> we'll see
13:12:50 <gsmet> that's all for me
13:12:55 <gsmet> ah no
13:13:07 <gsmet> Marko pushed a preview PR for the free form support of HV
13:13:24 <gsmet> so I'll review it and I expect some discussion on this very topic
13:13:34 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
13:13:50 <yrodiere> I mainly worked on various tickets needed for the Alpha1 release
13:13:56 <yrodiere> Such as support for primitive property types, or restoring the distribution module
13:14:10 <yrodiere> I also reviewed Guillaume's PRs
13:14:29 <yrodiere> (we now have a Projection DSL in Search \o/)
13:14:42 <yrodiere> I spent several days trying to make OSGi integration tests work with JDK11, both in Search 5 and ORM 5.4
13:14:50 <yrodiere> Took way too long to my taste, and it's far from perfect, but it now works
13:15:05 <yrodiere> Also I was on PTO for two days, so not much more progress
13:15:10 <yrodiere> JIRA report: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=3&projectKey=HSEARCH&view=reporting&chart=sprintRetrospective&sprint=9
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13:15:19 <yrodiere> next two weeks:
13:15:26 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
13:15:31 <yrodiere> Hopefully I will spend a lot of time reviewing many PRs :D
13:15:51 <gsmet> ah ah
13:16:08 <yrodiere> Apart from that, I'll try to work on tickets needed for the Alpha1 release
13:16:20 <yrodiere> some polishing related to the configuration properties and the main APIs
13:16:50 <yrodiere> Unless we add some last-minute work, I expect we will be able to release Alpha1 not this sprint, but probably at the end of the next one, so in maybe one month
13:17:39 <yrodiere> And then we'll finally be able to "see" the progress we're making, by releasing alphas every two or four weeks
13:18:32 <yrodiere> I don't expect much feedback from users, since Search 6 will still be very much work in progress, but at least I think it will show we're making progress
13:18:41 <yrodiere> The planning for the next two weeks is here: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=3&projectKey=HSEARCH&view=reporting&chart=sprintRetrospective&sprint=10
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13:18:44 <yrodiere> That's all
13:18:51 <gsmet> thanks!
13:18:59 <gsmet> any other subject?
13:19:14 <yrodiere> yes
13:19:22 <yrodiere> please vote for your favorite chat tool!
13:19:24 <gsmet> again!?
13:19:35 <yrodiere> and please don't pick IRC :/
13:19:42 <gsmet> ah ah ah
13:19:59 <fax4ever> :)
13:19:59 <yrodiere> (I sent an email on hibernate-dev)
13:20:01 <yrodiere> that's all
13:20:11 <gsmet> OK, thanks everyone!
13:20:25 <fax4ever> bye and thanks!
13:20:30 <yrodiere> thanks
13:20:49 <gsmet> #endmeeting