14:00:03 <yrodiere> #startmeeting
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14:00:10 <yrodiere> hi! everybody here?
14:00:17 <fax4ever> hi! yes I'm
14:00:18 <DavideD> Hi yrodiere
14:00:22 <DavideD> Hi fax4ever
14:00:32 <fax4ever> Hi DavideD
14:00:45 <yrodiere> Ok, I think nobody else will join. Let's start!
14:00:53 <yrodiere> #topic Progress Davide
14:01:50 <DavideD> I've mostly worked on ORM 6, I'm still on some tests related to Cascading operations
14:02:13 <DavideD> It turned out to be more complicated than I expected but I'm getting the hang of it
14:02:29 <DavideD> I also fixed a couple of bugs on OGM
14:02:38 <DavideD> It was nice to receive some feedback from users
14:02:46 <DavideD> it seems that they played a bit with it
14:02:52 <DavideD> during the holidays
14:02:53 <fax4ever> +1 good
14:03:03 <DavideD> That's pretty much it
14:03:20 <yrodiere> #topic Next two weeks Davide
14:03:44 <DavideD> I will continue to work on ORM 6 and merge another bugfix on OGM
14:04:12 <DavideD> Considering that we have the F2F, I'm pretty sure that something will change
14:04:17 <DavideD> That's all
14:04:24 <yrodiere> Thanks
14:04:33 <yrodiere> #topic Progress Fabio
14:04:46 <fax4ever> Thanks
14:04:57 <fax4ever> I finished and fixed up the task to restore all the Elasticsearch works and orchestrators
14:05:05 <fax4ever> from Hibernate Search 5 to Hibernate Search 6,
14:05:15 <fax4ever> with a great help and support from Yoann.
14:05:25 <fax4ever> Since the issue was very huge, in term of code-line-changed size.
14:05:36 <fax4ever> Furthermore, I did other tasks for Search 6, working on Search fluent API.
14:05:45 <fax4ever> The API to exclude (or implicitly include) the bound terms,
14:05:54 <fax4ever> in a ranged query, is now consist with Hibernate Search 5.
14:06:04 <fax4ever> Moreover, I started an issue to clean up and make the showcases project
14:06:13 <fax4ever> a real full-stack ORM integration test module.
14:06:23 <fax4ever> Finally, I spent very little time on Hibernate OGM,
14:06:33 <fax4ever> I've only reviewed a single Davide's pull request on it.
14:06:51 <fax4ever> I've finished with the current topic, thank you.
14:07:30 <yrodiere> #topic Next two weeks Fabio
14:07:44 <fax4ever> We have a lot to work to do yet, in order to publish the next alpha of Hibernate Search.
14:07:52 <fax4ever> So I would like to continue to work on Search.
14:08:03 <fax4ever> Especially now that it seems that I know something about the project :)
14:08:14 <fax4ever> Hibernate Search delivery is arranged in sprints, as you know.
14:08:23 <fax4ever> So I'll just follow the scheduling for the next two weeks.
14:08:35 <fax4ever> Moreover, I would like to review some PRs, this time for real :)
14:08:45 <fax4ever> That's all from me guys. Thank you and see you here in Rome next week :)
14:09:09 <yrodiere> Thanks
14:09:21 <yrodiere> #topic Progress Yoann
14:09:26 <DavideD> See you next week :)
14:09:49 <yrodiere> hu, it's not over :p
14:10:18 <yrodiere> So, it's more last month for me, since I was on PTO for two weeks
14:10:19 <DavideD> Ooops :P
14:10:52 <yrodiere> But I see you're getting used to me not being present :p
14:11:10 <yrodiere> I started by fixing a problem related to blocking code in the Elasticsearch client thread
14:11:47 <yrodiere> something we have to be extra careful about, since there are only one such thread per CPU (because we assume no blocking code gets executed in those threads)
14:12:28 <yrodiere> I also worked on splitting the field definition API in two: field type on one side, field itself on the other
14:12:47 <yrodiere> the result is not pretty nor easy to use, but the problems are exactly the same as in other DSLs, so there's that
14:12:54 <yrodiere> I hope we'll be able to find a common solution
14:13:31 <yrodiere> I also converted a demo to Search 6, in preparation for an upcoming presentation I'll make in FOSDEM 2019
14:13:57 <yrodiere> I noticed a few problems, and created tickets accordingly
14:14:20 <yrodiere> Also noticed a bug in the Spring ORM integration, which I submitted a PR for
14:14:35 <yrodiere> (because it forces me to do something not so nice in my demo...)
14:15:11 <yrodiere> I also fixed the problem with ID predicates and multitenancy
14:15:29 <yrodiere> (on Elasticsearch)
14:15:35 <yrodiere> it wasn't so hard to fix after all
14:15:48 <yrodiere> so Davide's ID predicates are now officially functional :)
14:16:04 <DavideD> Yeeah :)
14:16:10 <yrodiere> #topic Next two weeks Yoann
14:16:29 <yrodiere> I'll continue to assist Fabio if necessary and review PRs, of course
14:16:38 <fax4ever> +1
14:17:06 <yrodiere> Beside that, I don't expect much progress, because I'll have to prepare the presentation for FOSDEM and do some polishing on Search related to the demo
14:17:27 <yrodiere> I hope to release an Alpha2 some time after the F2F, so that I can demo with a released version
14:17:39 <yrodiere> That's all from me
14:17:45 <yrodiere> #topic Misc
14:17:48 <yrodiere> Anything else?
14:18:00 <fax4ever> I'm ok thank you
14:18:03 <DavideD> Not from me
14:18:22 <yrodiere> Ok. Well, that was quick. Thanks everyone!
14:18:34 <yrodiere> #endmeeting