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14:00:55 <gsmet> (still in another meeting so pardon me if I lag sometimes)
14:01:01 <gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
14:01:17 <yrodiere> hi
14:01:18 <DavideD> Not sure I can talk about it
14:01:39 <gsmet> ah ah
14:01:42 <DavideD> Anyway, I'm still researching about it and figure out how the integration works
14:02:04 <DavideD> I also dedicated a small amount of time to answer some questions on OGM
14:02:20 <DavideD> Maybe there is somebody that it's going to work on the transactions or MongoDB
14:02:23 <gsmet> if it's the RX stuff, the repository is public
14:02:35 <gsmet> so I suppose we can talk about it
14:02:57 <gsmet> if it's something else, nope
14:03:34 <gsmet> that's good news if we can get a contribution for OGM
14:03:35 <DavideD> OK, I'm working on that trying to figure out which services in ORM we need to replace
14:04:03 <gsmet> hopefully, the answer is not "all of them" :)
14:04:09 <DavideD> I hope so :)
14:04:21 <fax4ever> :)
14:04:22 <DavideD> We will need for sure a different connection class
14:04:45 <DavideD> And probably we will need a new dialect class
14:05:13 <DavideD> I'm using OGM as a template but I'm still experimenting with it
14:05:31 <DavideD> I think that's pretty much all from me.
14:05:46 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
14:05:56 <DavideD> I will continue to work on the reactive
14:06:07 <DavideD> hopefully I will have something more concrete
14:06:14 <DavideD> at the end of the next sprint
14:06:31 <DavideD> OGM on the sidelines answering users questions
14:06:50 <DavideD> I also took a couple of days off this THursday and Friday
14:06:52 <DavideD> That's it
14:06:56 <gsmet> OK, thanks
14:07:01 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
14:07:17 <fax4ever> I finished to work on enhancing the showcase and functional test modules.
14:07:29 <fax4ever> We did many improvements here, such as adding the Spring Boot runtime,
14:07:41 <fax4ever> the running tests on both Lucene and Elasticsearch backends and so on.
14:07:54 <fax4ever> Working on this issue I found and fixed a little issue about querying a field across different indexes.
14:08:07 <fax4ever> This kind of query are used, for instance,
14:08:19 <fax4ever> when we query a superclass entity finding result across different subclasses.
14:08:38 <fax4ever> Furthermore, I started to restore the full support of all Hibernate 5 property types, so far I've implemented the mapping part.
14:08:47 <fax4ever> This is all about the progress, thanks.
14:10:04 <yrodiere> gsmet?
14:10:16 <gsmet> sorry
14:10:23 <fax4ever> not a problem
14:10:26 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
14:10:29 <fax4ever> thanks
14:10:38 <gsmet> (hard to follow 2 meetings at the same time)
14:10:49 <fax4ever> First of all, in the next two weeks I would I would like to finish the work to support all property types.
14:11:09 <fax4ever> Second of all, I'll try to close also the three issue I have in the current backlog "HSEARCH - 2019-02".
14:11:30 <fax4ever> If I don't get wrong, two of them are about property types too and the other one is about to make boolean field analyzed.
14:11:44 <fax4ever> Finally, I could review my pull requests,
14:11:56 <fax4ever> especially if they will be about things I made so far on Hibernate Search ;)
14:12:03 <yrodiere> it's about ensuring boolean fields are *not* analyzed ;)
14:12:20 <fax4ever> ah the opposite ok :)
14:12:28 <fax4ever> That's all about the next two weeks, thank you.
14:12:45 <gsmet> thanks
14:12:53 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
14:13:01 <gsmet> so this one is easy: no progress so far :)
14:13:16 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
14:13:32 <gsmet> I plan to release 5.3.8, probably last week
14:13:43 <gsmet> ORM 5.3.8
14:13:54 <gsmet> apparently, someone opened an HV bug too
14:14:07 <gsmet> looks like a nasty one, not sure when I'll have the time to take a look at it
14:14:28 <gsmet> that's it for me
14:14:32 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
14:14:43 <yrodiere> So, not a lot on my side
14:14:54 <yrodiere> I spent quite a lot of time preparing my FOSDEM presentation
14:15:05 <yrodiere> which went rather well, by the way
14:15:14 <DavideD> nice!
14:15:22 <fax4ever> great!
14:15:26 <yrodiere> Now I suppose I should plan for some other presentations, but that will wait a bit :D
14:15:45 <yrodiere> I also tried to help on the migration to Zulip, which apparently is done
14:16:13 <yrodiere> On Search itself, we released Alpha2 just before FOSDEM
14:16:53 <yrodiere> with a few improvements that we had merged over the course of the previous weeks, such as the index lifecycle strategy (create, update, validate, drop-and-create, ...)
14:17:13 <yrodiere> I also updated a demo, it now works with Search 6, if anyone is interested
14:17:28 <yrodiere> https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-demos/tree/master/hibernate-search/hsearch-elasticsearch-wikipedia
14:17:53 <yrodiere> I improved the DSLs syntax a bit to remove some verbosity
14:18:02 <yrodiere> unfortunately not in time for the Alpha2 release
14:18:14 <yrodiere> And apart from that I mainly worked on the Hibernate Search boot
14:18:27 <yrodiere> I did some stuff that is useful for integrators, as two-phase boot or the ability to delay the REST client startup until later
14:18:34 <yrodiere> But also some things that are useful independently from any integrator, such as collecting all the startup errors from all indexes, which can be useful when validating the ES schema for example
14:18:47 <yrodiere> As for the next two weeks...
14:18:53 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
14:19:13 <yrodiere> It will mainly be about restoring missing features compared to Search 5 (again)
14:19:30 <gsmet> maybe you shouldn't have removed them first :)
14:19:36 <yrodiere> the focus will be on the ability to bypass bridges in the DSLs, as well as adding missing predicates
14:19:44 <yrodiere> yeah, maybe :)
14:20:04 <yrodiere> I also intend to change the FullTextQuery interface so that it doesn't extend the JPA Query interface anymore
14:20:19 <yrodiere> I'd like to restore the old internals of the Lucene backend, but I probably won't have enough time, even with Fabio's help on the other topics
14:20:52 <gsmet> I would say good progress on API + Elasticsearch would be a big step
14:21:02 <gsmet> not that I want to influence anything :)
14:21:10 <yrodiere> Depending on our progress, maybe we'll do an Alpha3. We'll also see what integrators need... :)
14:21:19 <yrodiere> That's all from me
14:21:34 <gsmet> ok cool, thanks
14:21:40 <gsmet> #topic Something else?
14:21:49 <fax4ever> i'm OK thanks
14:21:59 <gsmet> same here
14:22:37 <DavideD> Not from me
14:23:29 <yrodiere> nope
14:23:33 <gsmet> #endmeeting