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14:00:20 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
14:00:55 <gsmet> fax4ever: you there?
14:00:58 <fax4ever> Hi
14:01:02 <gsmet> hi :)
14:01:06 <fax4ever> ;)
14:01:24 <fax4ever> I haven't finished all the 7 issues I planned to do two weeks ago.
14:01:35 <fax4ever> Because some of them took more time than I expected.
14:01:45 <fax4ever> First of all, in the last two weeks, I've been working on bypassing bridges option,
14:01:54 <fax4ever> when the user pass values within match, range query predicates and sort.
14:02:03 <fax4ever> Second of all, I did the same but for the symmetric case: the projections.
14:02:14 <fax4ever> With the latter option the user could skip the conversion back from raw value to pojo type value.
14:02:24 <fax4ever> Third of all, we decided to support even the java.sql legacy types.
14:02:34 <fax4ever> Like for java.util legacy types the mapper transforms these types into a non-legacy types,
14:02:45 <fax4ever> thus preventing them from being propagated to the backends. I did the relative issue.
14:03:09 <fax4ever> Fourth of all, I did an issue to restore the tests for jdk 9 modules,
14:03:19 <fax4ever> starting with relying to `Automatic-Module-Name` manifest property
14:03:30 <fax4ever> and then trying to use the module-info descriptors generated using the ModiTech Maven plugin.
14:03:41 <fax4ever> All in all, I reviewed some pull requests.
14:03:51 <fax4ever> That's all about the progress, I think we can move on to next two weeks topic. Thanks.
14:04:01 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
14:04:11 <fax4ever> I'll start from the issues I haven't done in the last sprint "2019-03".
14:04:22 <fax4ever> Two of them are about overriding analyzers and normalizers and defining per-query analyzers.
14:04:38 <fax4ever> The other one is about moving fuzzy, constantScore, boost, slop and default operator query predicate options
14:04:47 <fax4ever> to the end of the predicate (the terminal context).
14:04:57 <fax4ever> Then I would like to review some pull requests.
14:05:10 <fax4ever> Finally, I would do the issue about moving the *raw option from the field to the terminal predicate selector.
14:05:23 <fax4ever> This time, these four issues will be my target for the next two weeks.
14:05:31 <fax4ever> Even if it is possible that I will be able to do something more.
14:05:38 <fax4ever> That's all from me, thank you!
14:05:45 <gsmet> thanks
14:05:55 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
14:06:11 <gsmet> so I mostly worked on... (now we can talk about it!) Quarkus
14:06:28 <gsmet> still a bit exhausted by the last weeks but getting better
14:06:50 <gsmet> I reviewed a few Search PR but that's pretty much it
14:06:56 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
14:07:05 <gsmet> - releasing ORM 5.4.2.Final
14:07:18 <gsmet> - releasing HV 6.0.<something>.Final
14:07:40 <gsmet> - finishing the Search extension for Quarkus
14:07:48 <gsmet> at least a first version we can merge
14:08:11 <gsmet> that means I will need an alpha with the stuff Yoann worked on
14:08:42 <gsmet> the rest of the time, I'll be probably working on Quarkus
14:08:50 <gsmet> #topic Progress Koen
14:09:00 <gsmet> Introducing koentsje for his first IRC meeting :)
14:09:14 <koentsje> thanks gsmet :)
14:09:40 <koentsje> i integrated two contributions into the hibernate tools stream two weeks ago
14:09:57 <koentsje> i also released the hibernate tools 5.3.9.Final and 5.3.10.Final
14:10:20 <koentsje> i couldn’t integrate this yet in jboss tools as there was a code freeze because of an imminent release
14:10:45 <koentsje> next,  tinkered around with protean (now knows as quarkus) and experimented making some initial tooling
14:11:12 <koentsje> last week, i went on a 1 week hike in fuerteventura
14:11:38 <koentsje> i spend yesterday reading email and investigating 2 reported bugs in jboss tools
14:11:52 <koentsje> that’s all for progress
14:11:56 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Koen
14:12:12 <koentsje> integrate hibernate tools 5.3.10.Final in JBoss Tools
14:12:34 <koentsje> continue to investigate and hopefully solve the two reported issues in jboss tools
14:13:05 <koentsje> perform the quarkus/protean renaming on the initial tooling
14:13:18 <gsmet> ah yeah, that's an interesting task :)
14:13:25 <fax4ever> +1
14:13:36 <gsmet> (currently rebasing the Search PR with all the renaming, so much fun :))
14:13:53 <koentsje> continue a big rename/reorganization task on the jboss tools plugins
14:14:08 <koentsje> that was started some weeks ago but i had to stop it during the release
14:14:39 <koentsje> adding some more functionality to the quarkus tools
14:14:54 <koentsje> i think that will be sufficient for the next two weeks
14:15:03 <gsmet> thanks
14:15:07 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
14:15:34 <yrodiere> I started with submitting my PR about restoring most of the missing predicates
14:15:47 <yrodiere> those we used to have in Search 5, so phrase, wildcard, fuzzy, simpleQueryString
14:15:58 <yrodiere> then... I got sidetracked quite a bit
14:16:28 <yrodiere> I worked on a few problems in ORM:
14:16:29 <yrodiere> getSingleResult throwing the wrong exception when there are multiple results
14:17:02 <yrodiere> ExtendedBeanManager not being supported correctly (due to the presence of two interfaces with the same name, one of them legacy)
14:17:12 <yrodiere> and last but really, really not least... date/time issues
14:17:31 <yrodiere> we're seeing the end of the tunnel, but that took a while
14:17:48 <fax4ever> :)
14:18:01 <yrodiere> anyway, at least that reminded me to clearly indicate in the Search documentation that legacy date/time APIs are only supported on a best effort basis
14:18:13 <yrodiere> because hell, are they broken...
14:18:36 <yrodiere> I also worked a lot on polishing Search APIs
14:18:45 <yrodiere> in particular the entry points to the Search DSL in the ORM integration
14:18:52 <yrodiere> e.g. FullTextSession, FullTextQuery
14:19:13 <yrodiere> I ended up breaking almost everything...
14:19:26 <yrodiere> which is a bit worrying because it's starting to be my signature move
14:19:49 <gsmet> :)
14:19:59 <yrodiere> I similarly tried to improve the syntax when adding data to a document (from custom bridges)
14:20:07 <yrodiere> and I did quite a bit of user support
14:20:29 <yrodiere> nice to have some feedback
14:20:35 <yrodiere> next two weeks...
14:20:37 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
14:20:50 <yrodiere> I'll try to get as much of the API changes as possible merged
14:21:10 <yrodiere> in parallel, I'll work with Guillaume to merge the changes necessary for Quarkus
14:21:44 <yrodiere> And I'll release Alpha3, whether or not we're ready for Quarkus, because it's been too long :)
14:21:56 <yrodiere> that's all
14:22:02 <gsmet> we'll be ready hopefully
14:22:09 <gsmet> thanks!
14:22:16 <gsmet> so I think we're done for today
14:22:22 <gsmet> thanks everyone
14:22:26 <yrodiere> thanks
14:22:27 <fax4ever> thank you
14:22:29 <koentsje> thanks
14:22:44 <gsmet> hangout tomorrow afternoon
14:22:46 <gsmet> see you then
14:22:50 <gsmet> #endmeeting