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14:02:08 <yrodiere> hi
14:02:09 <gsmet> #topic Progress DavideD
14:02:23 <DavideD> Hi
14:02:34 <gsmet> hey DavideD, glad to see you with us :)
14:02:53 <DavideD> :) yeah, thanks
14:04:09 <DavideD> I'm still working on the reactive part
14:04:36 <DavideD> I'm stil lexperimenting with it, in particular, after talking with Sanne I realized that I was trying to do a bit too many things
14:05:19 <DavideD> I'm working an a simpler example and in particular figuring out which services I cna disable at start up
14:05:50 <DavideD> I got a bit of a set back because I wasn't feeling well
14:06:48 <DavideD> The main issue is that I need to replace most of the classes with similar ones but returning some sort CallableFuture
14:07:04 <DavideD> Sorry, CompletableFuture
14:07:20 <DavideD> I think that's pretty much it
14:07:25 <gsmet> ok, thanks
14:07:31 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
14:07:32 <sannegrinovero> did you get an entity stored yet? :)
14:08:13 <DavideD> :) yeah, but then I realized that it's not alright or there is something else that it is wrong
14:08:47 <DavideD> I will try to clean up might branches in the next sprint, it will make it easier to discuss it
14:09:32 <DavideD> I think that's it from me
14:09:37 <gsmet> ok, thanks
14:09:44 <gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
14:09:51 <fax4ever> I started with the review of some large pull requests
14:10:01 <fax4ever> we needed to merge before the last release, the 6.Alpha3.
14:10:20 <fax4ever> of Hibernate Search, you know :)
14:10:29 <fax4ever> After that I got ill :/
14:10:36 <fax4ever> When I came back I reviewed another pull request.
14:10:49 <fax4ever> Then I had just the time for doing the issue to change again
14:10:58 <fax4ever> the API to disable DSL and projection converters.
14:11:10 <fax4ever> Finally, yesterday I started a series of issues for override analyzer at query time.
14:11:25 <fax4ever> With this I've finished with the progress topic. Thanks
14:11:32 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
14:11:44 <fax4ever> As usual, I will follow the issue plan for the current sprint, the HSEARCH - 2019-05.5.
14:11:54 <fax4ever> So I'll start working on the override analyzer issues series I mentioned before.
14:12:04 <fax4ever> The sprint backlog contains other issues, on other topics:
14:12:11 <fax4ever> 1. Fix a java module name.
14:12:19 <fax4ever> 2. Make result of a some boolean queries consistent between Elasticsearch and Lucene.
14:12:27 <fax4ever> 3. Fix an error log message.
14:12:34 <fax4ever> 4. Enhance the property handle, with a generic type.
14:12:42 <fax4ever> 5. Support the very last Java types: BigDecimal and BigInteger.
14:12:49 <fax4ever> I will do as much as I can.
14:12:57 <fax4ever> Meanwhile, I'll review all the pull requests that we will receive.
14:13:07 <fax4ever> That's all from me, thank you!
14:13:10 <gsmet> thanks
14:13:17 <gsmet> #topic Progress Koen
14:13:23 <koentsje> hi guys
14:13:34 <gsmet> (yeah, I'll talk later when the other meeting is hopefully over)
14:13:40 <yrodiere> hi koen
14:13:55 <fax4ever> hi koen
14:13:58 <koentsje> last week was marked by the code freeze of jboss tools because of the 4.11.0.Final release this week
14:14:15 <koentsje> so there was some stability testing and verification
14:14:27 <koentsje> as well as the integration of hibernate tools 5.3.9.Final
14:15:05 <koentsje> there were also some reported jboss tools issues that needed verification
14:15:29 <koentsje> but they were either not reproducible or else the business of the dali project
14:15:45 <koentsje> next i have worked on quarkus tooling
14:16:30 <koentsje> i created 3 eclipse plugins, one runtime plugin containing the runtime, one core plugin for the eclipse non-ui stuff and one ui plugin for the ui related things
14:17:02 <koentsje> these plugins are contained in an eclipse feature that is in turn contained in an installable eclipse site
14:17:29 <koentsje> there are also three test fragments that contain (limited) tests for the three plugins
14:17:51 <koentsje> all this is for the moment in a private github repo
14:18:10 <koentsje> that’s about it for my progress
14:18:20 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Koen
14:18:50 <koentsje> first of all the release of hibernate tools 5.4.2.Final
14:19:02 <koentsje> inclusion of this release in jboss tools
14:19:28 <koentsje> i also still need to look at java 12 and 13 support in jboss tools
14:20:08 <koentsje> on the subject of quarkus, i desperately need to compile a quarkus tools wish list
14:20:53 <koentsje> i want to create a quarkus eclipse launch configuration so it can be run (and debugged) inside eclipse
14:21:37 <koentsje> i also want to develop a full blown quarkus eclipse cheat sheet containing the steps of the create project quickstart
14:21:59 <koentsje> and of course the private repo needs to become public
14:22:17 <koentsje> that should do it i think
14:22:25 <gsmet> ok, thanks!
14:22:31 <gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
14:22:55 <yrodiere> So the bulk of the work was about Quarkus
14:23:21 <yrodiere> there were some last-minute changes, but the good news is that Hibernate Search now works within Quarkus
14:23:40 <yrodiere> and Guillaume even discovered a bug in the mass indexer while we were working on it
14:24:33 <yrodiere> I also worked on experimental Elasticsearch 7 support in Hibernate Search
14:24:42 <yrodiere> it was quite a bit of work, but on the bright side I managed to do it without changing the overall architecture
14:24:49 <yrodiere> which tends to show our dialects do their job well
14:24:59 <fax4ever> cool
14:25:00 <yrodiere> I had to contribute some changes to the elasticsearch-maven-plugin in order to run our tests against ES7
14:25:11 <yrodiere> The maintainer accepted them very quickly and released new versions just as fast, that was nice :)
14:25:31 <yrodiere> I worked a bit on improving the syntax of DSLs
14:25:36 <yrodiere> and also improving some error messages and checks
14:25:46 <yrodiere> Then we released 6.0.0.Alpha3 :)
14:26:03 <yrodiere> It adds support for almost every field type and predicate,
14:26:03 <yrodiere> improves the overall Search API, and will be the version used in the Quarkus-Hibernate-Search extension
14:26:37 <yrodiere> and that's about it I think
14:27:04 <yrodiere> I had to travel for one day and was on PTO for one day, so not as much progress as I hoped
14:27:09 <yrodiere> next two weeks...
14:27:18 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
14:27:23 <yrodiere> I've started several upgrades
14:27:26 <yrodiere> ORM 5.4.2 is in
14:27:49 <yrodiere> Byteman 4.0.6 too, which allows us to test the 5.11 branch against JDK13
14:27:54 <yrodiere> (spoiler: it works)
14:28:37 <yrodiere> There's also a change to the structure of configuration properties that's pending review
14:28:58 <yrodiere> one that was prompted by the work we did on Quarkus
14:29:09 <gsmet> ah, I need to get to that one
14:29:44 <yrodiere> Fabio is having a look, but yes it would be nice if you could just confirm that's what you had in mind
14:30:23 <fax4ever> yep
14:30:29 <yrodiere> beyond that, the major tickets I intend to work on are restoring support for the AWS integration and adding support for missing/exist queries
14:30:38 <yrodiere> apart from that it's mainly bugfixes
14:30:40 <yrodiere> that's all from me
14:30:49 <gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
14:31:06 <gsmet> so everybody seems to be aware that I released ORM 5.4.2.Final :)
14:31:22 <gsmet> I also released HV 6.0.16.Final and upgraded it in WF
14:31:36 <gsmet> we had a performance regression when validating *unconstrained* beans
14:31:56 <gsmet> that was fixed (and we even improve other things performance-wise while at it)
14:32:20 <gsmet> on the Quarkus side, I worked with Yoann on validating the alpha3 with Quarkus
14:32:39 <gsmet> unfortunately, I haven't had the time yet to work on cleaning up my branch
14:32:58 <gsmet> that's definitely something I want to do this week but things keep piling up
14:33:16 <gsmet> especially dealing with community questions and bug reports is a huge time sink
14:33:29 <gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
14:33:47 <gsmet> I need to give some feedback to Marko on the HV front (we had a talk last week)
14:34:11 <gsmet> and the other big thing is polishing the Search extension in Quarkus
14:34:29 <gsmet> I'm not far from having something reviewable but really need to get to it
14:34:36 <gsmet> that's it from me
14:34:54 <gsmet> sannegrinovero: do you want to add something?
14:35:08 <sannegrinovero> looking forward to Search support :)
14:35:29 <sannegrinovero> gsmet, no thanks. I've been busy on Quarkus full time.
14:35:37 <gsmet> OK, that's what I thought
14:35:44 <sannegrinovero> hum actually helped with some ORM6 things, but not very interesting.
14:35:59 <gsmet> cool, then, let's wrap up this meeting then
14:36:05 <gsmet> #endmeeting